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For Standford, 17 year old tennis genius was forced to abandon the 934 thousand prize at the US Open in 2016 in the third round of the American teenager Bayless lost to Gobel ranked second in the world. US Open tennis tournament in full swing, but a 17 year old girl’s tennis move has attracted heated debate. In the first round, the American teenager Bayless lost to Gobel ranked second in the world, but the unexpected is, as the third round here the youngest player prodigy Belis not only gave up 140 thousand dollars (about 934 thousand yuan) in prize money, nor war occupation tennis plan, the reason was actually to be able to enter study in Stanford University. In fact, Belis’s decision and the National Association of university sports (NCAA) provisions are not unrelated. The rigid system of the American sports talent incubator has long been controversial. In 2014 the US women’s singles first round, only 15 year old American teenager Belis defeated the tournament twelfth seed Cibulkova. For Standford, she must give up nearly two years ago, only 15 years old Belis defeated the tournament No. 12 seed Sylbrin Kurkovva in the first round of the US Open, 20 years to become the winner of the US Open is young female athletes. Prior to this, the high school student has just won the national championship of the National Tennis Association under the age of 18. In the same year at the end of the year, Belis also won the International Tennis Federation (ITF) group of young women’s champion, limitless future. But troubles follow. Into the third round can mean a US $140 thousand prize, but in order to go to Stanford University to study, the family was not wealthy Belis chose to give up. Here we have to mention the provisions of NCAA. NCAA is a national amateur sports association composed of 1281 sports associations or individuals in the United States and canada. American universities regard NCAA as one of the most important alliances. Every year the universities will recruit some sports students for the school play, NCAA will sport better students to provide scholarships and subsidies. Because Rebecca is a sports specialty students, need to receive a sports scholarship to enter the Stanford University, but according to the provisions of NCAA, professional players can not accept college scholarships and college competitions. If Belis accepted us bonus, it means she admitted his occupation player, also broke her into the prestigious school dream. Although the NCAA bear all the cost of accommodation Bayless during the US Open, and she and my father will be upgraded to the residence suites, but compared to the $50000 annual college tuition is still an utterly inadequate measure. Asked if he would turn into a professional athlete, Belis’s answer is no.. "Maybe in the past I will care about the rankings, want to get closer to 100. But now I just need to know that I can do it." Alliance can make money, students can not? Besides Belis, in fact, the athletes There are plenty of people who encountered the same problem. The most famous is the "best Curve Wrecker" Katie Ryder based ·. At the Rio Olympics, the 19 year old queen of swimming in the pool to shine. Her altogether.相关的主题文章: