Tips On Increasing Your Newsletter

Internet-and-Business-Online Do you own an online newsletter and you are trying to gain subscribers to it? You have built the website for it and you have your subscription box in place, but nobody is subscribing? Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many others out there asking themselves what it is that they are doing wrong. Below are some things you can do, to increase the subscribers to your newsletter. Tip #1 Give them something FREE. If possible give them more then one freebie. Offer your subscribers a free report, free ebook, free ad on your site, etc. They will come if you are giving them something. A good name for these type of freebies is "BONUSES". The better the package you give them, the more likely they will subscribe. Tip #2 Submit your newsletter to newsletter/ezine directories. This may be time consuming, but it will pay off in the long run. You want your newsletter/ezine listed on as many directories as you can. You may also try using newsletter submission services to speed up this process if you don’t have time to manually add them to all the directories. Tip #3 Offer a monthly contest on your website. To be eligible to win the contest make a requirement that they must be subscribed to your newsletter. Once you have your contest in place, promote your contest on other sites, gaining more traffic to your newsletter and more signups. Tip #4 Swap newsletter ads with other newsletter publishers. What you will want to do is find newsletters that’s audience will enjoy your newsletter and ask the publisher if they want to swap ads. This is very common amongst publishers. You can also look online for publishers looking for ad swaps. I have been in many message forums where there are topics of ad swaps. Tip #5 Promote your newsletter in your email signature. This is also known as a sig file. It is usually three to six lines at the end of your email. This is a great FREE spot to advertise on, so use a signature file each time you send out an email. Most email programs are setup to allow you to setup a signature file that will be automatically added to each of your emails. Tip #6 Visit forums and message boards and start posting. You will want to find forums that you enjoy and make yourself known to the community. Make yourself credible and other forum members will want to look at what you have to offer. Add your link in your signature file in the forums if permitted. You will want to read the rules of each forum before you post. You will see that this brings valuable traffic to your sites the more that you post. I have gained significant traffic to my sites through this type of promoting. There are many more ways you can get subscribers to your newsletter. These are just a few good tips to get you started. Remember to have quality content and get your link out there wherever possible. Keep planting your seeds all over and soon you will have a big list of subscribers. Obtaining a large list doesn’t happen over night, so don’t get discouraged. Keep promoting and sooner or later, you will have the list that you are looking to achieve. About the Author: 2006 Stefani Partin, a mom of three from CA who owns a network of sites for moms, blogs, a newsletter and more. Stefani dedicates her time to helping moms find ways to make money at home. Visit her blog at or ..mommyenterprises.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: