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Credit regulation market "invisible" leverage limited funds [Abstract] market regulation more than in January, from the volume and price, the effect of macro-control gradually market regulation more than in January, from the volume and price, the current regulatory effect gradually. Credit is an important factor in the property market, landing measures from Shanghai, illegal funds into the real estate market will be subject to more stringent restrictions. To strengthen the supervision of credit to the real estate finance market in Shanghai recently adopted more stringent control policies, especially the housing credit tightening, to curb irrational demand. In November 3rd, "on the practical implementation of the Shanghai City real estate regulation spirit, promote the orderly operation of the financial market of real estate of the resolution" (referred to as "resolution") issued, specific measures include careful assessment of borrower family solvency, is strictly prohibited in disguise to circumvent the regulations policy and regulation of housing credit management; prevent credit and other types of funds, especially financial capital the illegal entry into the land market. Centaline group research center that, in Shanghai City, the market interest rate pricing discipline mechanism, "resolution" has a stronger constraint on the commercial banks, is expected to Shanghai’s housing credit control will continue tightening. The purchase loans will significantly curb the formation of edge ball behavior. In addition, before the commercial banks in the mortgage business to carry out the flexible loan, joint loan, etc., was part of the bank stopped. This will further restrict the limited purchasing power of the crowd. Shanghai mayor Yang Xiong said earlier that the housing turnover has returned to normal year average level; Shanghai in the ongoing study of new situations, new problems and new measures to maintain stable and healthy development of the market. In the credit, purchase and improve the down payment, such as the role of the combination of boxing, the effect of further regulation and control, the market turnover is further shrinking. Central group research center data show that in the first week of November, around the new house and second-hand housing market as a whole, the volume of the chain have been down, and non regulation of urban and control of urban transactions fell basically the same. This shows that the policy tightening of the 22 cities have affected the country’s major urban markets have been affected. Central Plains monitoring data show that 40 cities last week, the new residential transaction area fell by 10%. First tier, second tier, three or four tier cities have fallen, a decline of 15%, respectively, 7%, 15%. The introduction of regulatory policies in the city’s overall new home turnover fell 9.7%, about 70% of the city’s volume fell back, the larger cities, including Xiamen, Huizhou, etc.. Non control of the city’s overall new home turnover fell by 9.4%, the same volume of about 70% cities fell back, a larger decline in the city, including Xiangyang, Wenzhou, etc.. Second-hand housing market turnover last week, the overall decline. Central monitoring of the 21 cities in second-hand residential transaction area fell by 7.6%. Among them, Suzhou, Xiamen, Beijing and other places a larger decline. Since the beginning of October a city regulation, second-hand housing market turnover dropped significantly, overall prices rose gradually narrowed. According to the Central Plains second-hand housing price index, in October in addition to Chengdu, the other seven major cities, the price index rose slightly narrowed. Among them, the most sensitive to the market response to the Shenzhen price index fell sharply by 4.2%,.相关的主题文章: