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The party secretary of Tibet Tibet construction should adhere to the principle of respect for nature, comply with nature and protect nature – Beijing, China News Agency, Lhasa, November 15 (reporter Chen Taobin) "beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan, but also a world of ice and snow jinshanyinshan." Wu Yingjie, Secretary of the CPC Tibet Autonomous Region Committee, 15, said at a meeting here, the construction of a beautiful Tibet first to establish an ecological priority concept, adhere to respect for nature, comply with nature, protect nature. As the Tibet autonomous region, the number one, Wu Yingjie took office less than in March, but in many occasions stressed the importance of environmental protection. On the same day, he at the Ninth Congress of the Communist Party of China Tibet once again expounded this idea. He said that over the past five years, Tibet to maintain a good ecological environment, the region accounted for 1/3 of the land area of the nature reserve, key forest area, natural forest, forest area volume, the per capita forest area, per capita forest volume ranks the first China, Heyuan river head area, grasslands, lakes, wetlands, natural forests, water ecological, geological heritage, biodiversity can be effectively protected, to ensure that the Tibet blue sky and green water. The report notes that one of the objectives of the next five years, Tibet, is the region’s GDP will continue to maintain an average annual growth of more than 10%. Wu Yingjie stressed that the establishment of environmental protection is to protect the productive forces, improve the ecological environment is the development of productive forces. He said, to improve the ecological protection system, strictly ecological red line, no "three high" project in Tibet, continue to implement the exploration and development of mineral resources the government of the autonomous region "pen" and "one vote veto" and environmental protection system, improve the ecological compensation mechanism, implement the important ecological function areas of national transfer payment policy. Wu Yingjie pointed out that to strengthen the accountability system, the implementation of the ecological environment damage liability lifelong accountability system, the implementation of natural resources assets of leading cadres outgoing audit. He said, to cultivate the green ecological culture, promote energy conservation and environmental protection, to support the application of new energy vehicles, advocating thrift, green low-carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyles and consumption patterns. (end)相关的主题文章: