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The son of Tian Liang deep like the hybrid features for its users named "sen – bowl" Beijing, Beijing, October 9, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, 2013 Tian Liang took shape sweet daughter Tian Yucheng (Cindy) in the reality show "where" Dad, funny love interaction between father and daughter loved by the audience. "Daddy where to go to" the fourth season is about to launch, he will play again, but this time with the son, only 3 years old "small bright boy" features quite deep, a biracial feel handsome appearance caused a heated discussion. In 2013, Tian Liang with daughter Sen dish "Tian Yucheng (Cindy) starred in" where "father to live mode audience by natural and funny father welcome, after 3 years, he will play again on the show, but with the son of" small bright boy ", only 3 year old Liang Wang there are deep facial features, previously praised by users as" mulatto "in the open day program before the notice according to his mouth, surprised look, it is like Hongkong male god Daniel Wu, handsome appearance caused a lot of discussion. In addition, the "small liangzai" this is just my sister Tian Chenyu, whose real name is "Tian Yu orange" upside down, a small bright spot so users exclaimed "the name made very carefully, and sister in the program because of English Cindy pronunciation, and the" Sen dish "nickname, the netizen laugh says, the younger brother. That will be called" Sen bowl ", has not been officially unveiled, it has aroused heated discussions friends.相关的主题文章: