Three girls special list users praise save chop hand money –

Three girls "special list" users praise save "chop hand money" – Beijing Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Ji Jinjing Wang Feifan reporter Chen Yong) yesterday, the Sun online a few pieces of special "double eleven Thanksgiving shopping list", the reporter was informed that this list is the school of information engineering Yangzhou University three the three girl group, "girl" in the "double eleven" Thanksgiving parents, mom and dad to list the shopping list, just perfect transmission of warmth, causing many users praise. Girls’ double eleven Thanksgiving shopping list". Jin Jing photo "double eleven is a good opportunity for shopping, but many of them are impulsive consumption, not essential." Reflection on the previous experience, young girls Wei Danqing decided to make a list, control consumption, reasonable consumption. "Look at the calendar found," double eleven "shortly after Thanksgiving, suddenly thought of the old" double eleven "only think of themselves, without regard to the parents, said it is quite ashamed." So, with thanksgiving feedback psychology, three girls together, according to their own circumstances, the development of a full of love Thanksgiving shopping list. Everyone considers their own consumption according to their actual family situation. "My mother knitted clothes in winter, hands often skin, very dry." Thought of here, Wei Danqing was going to give my mother to buy a hand cream. "Daddy love sometimes drink a little wine, gave him to buy sugar hangover", "little nephew to study painting, bought her a box of colored pencils"…… Ahead of the shopping list, on the one hand is to rational consumption, avoid to see when the discount impulse consumption; on the other hand is to buy their own to buy and buy at the same time, the family sent a small mind. "Control their own blind desire to consume, save money, to parents and family to send warmth, very happy."相关的主题文章: