This year on the outstanding performance of the sales savior several new models (video)

This year on the outstanding performance of the sales savior several new models this year there are a lot of new and new models listed, but their performance is different. Some cars with save the whole business sales and profits; some models is the need to identify the state, return to the peak period of a few years ago; some models to find the position of soaring at the same level market; some car need to own the original market, and continue to develop. Today the car car (micro-blog) the editor for everyone to bring four new models this year listed the comments, their outstanding performance, in line with the above four types. BITAUTO experience Zhao Pu take you five minutes to read the new civic – Dongfeng Honda civic car comments: the price of 12.99-16.99 million (ginseng, civic pictures, inquiry) can be regarded as the "good class" models of the typical, although know the car consumers and Honda fans of this car very much, but the market performance has been not temperature don’t fire, there are many reasons, in addition to the product, the biggest problem is that displacement is relatively single, for a long time only a 1.8L model to pricing options, relatively high performance design and relatively flat space are not enough to support the pricing. A new generation of civic will first solve the problem of single power, though only to 1.5T, but the 1.0T will bring a surprise in pricing. And more worthy of recognition, the new civic more domineering and fashionable appearance are enough to support higher pricing, its market prospects beyond the previous generation models is a high probability event! Analysis of the competitiveness of CIVIC is the classic Honda models, Honda is also in the compact level market the backbone of domestic compact class models, fierce competition in the market, a new generation of civic opponents list is very long, in addition to fight for many years (ginseng, Carola pictures, inquiry) Lei Ling (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) besides, as well as the FAW Volkswagen, Changan Ford Fawkes, and Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy, Changan Mazda (micro-blog) angkesaila, Dongfeng Citroen (micro-blog), Chevrolet C4L (ginseng, Cruze models such as pictures, inquiry). With the corolla, so obvious on the household Sylphy market models are different, the civic is a focus on driving experience and models, with more movement of the chassis design and adjustment, can bring more fun to drive, more in line with the young consumer appetite. Of course, because the domestic compact level market to home users, domestic car market demand for driving pleasure is not high, but also have a high demand for fuel economy, which makes the partial movement of the civic does not account for advantage, but in comfort than partial domestic rivals. With Fawkes (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), angkesaila (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Sagitar (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) that several have good driving experience compared to models, in motion performance did not strive, both in performance and dynamic performance of chassis and, a new generation of civic movement in the design of more personality, more sports car smell, in line with the tastes of young consumers. In addition, the old civic market tepid performance is one of the most important reasons is the entry-level models of displacement is high, only one)相关的主题文章: