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Travel-and-Leisure The island of Hilton Head in South Carolina is the second largest barrier island on the Eastern Seaboard. Technically, Hilton Head Island is only half barrier island. The north end of Hilton Head is a sea island dating to the Pleistocene epoch, and the south end is a barrier island that appeared as recently as the Holocene epoch. Broad Creek, which is actually a land-locked tidal marsh, separates the two halves of the island. Hilton Head Island is not only a prime tourist location with topnotch security and scenic sights, it also boast a handful of events that enrich its cultural heritage. One of the more popular events is the annual Hilton Head WineFest, which is the largest tented outdoor wine tasting in the East Coast, featuring over 1,500 domestic and international wines. Another one is the annual Hilton Head FoodFest, celebrating the talent of the local hospitality industry and provides attendees with several spectator events including: The Best Bartender Drink Making Contest, The Hospitable Waiter’s Race, and The Tailgate Gourmet Challenge. It is pretty evident that residents in the islands give much importance to their food, for they even have an annual Barbeque and Rib Fest that all grill aficionados from around the globe. Hilton Head Island also has it’s arts and culture epicenter, The Coastal Discovery Museum located at 100 William Hilton Parkway . The museum offers a variety of programs, activities, and indoor and outdoor exhibits year-round to over 125,000 visitors. They include the Sea Island Classroom, the History Time-line Exhibit, and the Museum Store, plus 11 different tours and cruises around the island. Hilton Head Island is also home to a wide array of wildlife including hundreds of bird and dolphin species. It is the home of the world-famous Loggerhead Sea Turtles. The Coastal Discovery Museum hosts some of the wildlife in the island, with breeding programs to prevent extinction. The waters around Hilton Head Island are one of the few places on Earth where dolphins routinely use a technique called "strand feeding" whereby schools of fish are herded up onto mud banks, and the dolphins lie on their side while they feed before sliding back down into the water. Hilton Head Island also boasts a number of public beaches, but the more popular ones are Alder Lane Beach and Folly Field Beach, where tourists and locals flock together for a taste of fun under the sun. All major hotels in the island offer beach ac.modations. Another fun activity to do in Hilton Head are water sports and cycling around the pristine town while looking over the gorgeous species of birds flying near the shores and nesting on almost every tree. All in all, the island provides a wel.e sanctuary from the hectic stress of everyday life, offering a relaxed, friendly lifestyle in a majestic natural setting. Whether you’re planning your first trip to the area or making your annual pilgrimage to this emerald island, we warmly wel.e you and hope that you enjoy the magic of each passing day on Hilton Head Island. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: