These the principal to help Yuelu Academy was the most famous cow

These "the principal" to help Yuelu Academy was "the most cattle school" of the original title: "how to do" the most cattle President Liu Xuyi, Dazhong Xiangfu eight years (1015), Song Zhenzong attracted a call of Zhou summoned Mr. teaching, dubbed him the imperial secretary, will stay in the palace. Can not think of, this call cycle actually refused, he will return to Changsha do a private school. Song Zhenzong listened to the mouth from ear to ear: but my highest institution of the country, the Secretary level is not high, from seven, but the power is not small. The mountains are not high, but the immortal name; not in school, there is an expert. Ten years later, the people of the country know that there is a private university called Yuelu Academy, both college entrance examination, and quality education. One thousand years later, Song Zhenzong has turned into a history, but the Yuelu Academy still exists, become the people of the Holy land. People remember the profound is the cattle disciples, such as Peng Guinian, Gu Lin, Wang Fuzhi, Tao Shu, Wei Yuan, Zheng Guofan, Zuo Zongtang, Hu Linyi, Guo Songtao, Li Yuandu; of course did not forget those principals (past called mountains), just remember that a year who are arrogant. Yes, the most prestigious schools in addition to cattle disciples, as well as the president of cattle. Look at the entrance notice it shows one spot. In the Ming Dynasty, a "trick Changsha Juren into the Yuelu Academy of the" tell us only to additional Juren priority enrollment, students only recruit ten, "to four people travel". How many people can recruit a student? Qing Dynasty three years, each session of the 60. Who is a concept of what, in ancient times it is called "master", with an official qualification, can be exempted from service and D. Dare to move "master" as a student, can want to know bullish. Yuelu Academy from Song Zhiqing after nine hundred years, the cumulative 58, with imperial fame in 32 people, including the origin of 25 people, Ren Guan experience of 38 people, 42 people of Hunan, are highly educated, scholar model. So, they are how to do the principal: first, the school as a home, and some even life energy in college. The Song Dynasty developed culture, college everywhere, not lack of school, but Zhu Xi was criticized by many schools. Why? Because the teacher in school, the school to preach the house when the hotel, free to live a few years away. But the president of Yuelu Academy is not like that. The first president’s decades in College; Luo Dian in college 27 years; Ouyang Houjun also in 27 years; 33 years old Zhang Shi in 1165 as president, 38 year old Beijing, 40 years old to come back to do the principal, 43 years before leaving, the main focus is on the Academy; Ding Shanqing as president for 23 years; Wang Wenqing two the last time as the principal; the principal Wang Xianqian is 10 years. The two is that politics and education are inseparable. Politics is the establishment of the system, the management of state affairs; education is to cultivate social weathering, maintaining the hearts of the people. "Good governance is the system of the establishment of good education that Tao to weathering." Zhang Shi as president of the political teaching as the first, to emphasize the political education first, schools that engage in politics, the fundamental purpose of education is that of human relations, against the pursuit of morality, high official positions and riches study attitude to education into moral education.相关的主题文章: