Thermal Weapon Sight

Business Thermal weapon sight TWS-200 series FLIR technology scope weighs 3 pounds and the TWS-2000 is known as the lightest thermal sights available. This device is used in the US-military. It is made based on the content proven technology which makes it suitable for the US-military. We need to know the feature before we buy any product or equipment. This device has beautiful feature which will attract out attention. The design, .pact and light in weight of the device TWS-2000 series thermal system makes it ideal for both hand-held thermal imager and a rifle-mounted sight. This happens because it emits neither light nor RF energy. Its use cannot be detected. This device can be used in many was and is applicable in many conditions and industries. This device can be used for 24/7 hours, day or night, cool or hot, since ambient light is not needed in this operation. Dust, smoke, and darkness are transparent to this device, TWS-2000 thermal system. This equipment has a 2* digital electronic zoom with a liquid crystal display i.e. LCD display and an eyecup activated standby mode for power conservation. It also has a hybrid focal plane array technology with coated mit-spec conservation optic, hardened and rugged housing and supreme accuracy. Dust, smoke and .plete darkness are all transparent to this device, which is an improved technology. As this weapon is used in military base we can understand how well it is designed for the rugged atmosphere and handling. All you have to do is unpack, fix, target and then shoot. Wont take you much time to understand and you can be ready for anything. The specifications of the device TWS-2000 are: the Detector for the device is 320×240 Uncooled FPA, Spectral Response is 8 – 12 micron. The Start up Time of the device is 45< seconds. The Contrast or Brightness or Gain Automatic or manual Human Size Target Detection Range is 550 Meters nominal. Focus Method Manual FOV is 15×11.3. The Output Format is NTSC or PAL .patible. IR Polarity is White=hot, black=cold. The Input Voltage of the device is 9.5 to 16 VDC. The most important thing is the size which is12 L x 3 W x 4 H. Weight of the device is 3 Lbs, with batteries. The possible Mounting Provisions are Picatinny. Operating Temperature -37C to +49C, this device is water and shock resistant. Power standard, AA batteries are used which will give us a 5 hour operation after charging. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: