There is a need to slow Yunnan traffic light town, delicacy spicy dance not returning

every time the car came to Ximeng, to Kong Mingshan, far sighted halfway up the lights, put on pajamas in Ximeng partly hidden and partly visible like girls, magnificent, fatigue in long-distance travel consumption. It is precisely for the city that a trace of light, how many people, Enron, quietly waiting, never abandon.

Ximeng mountain has only one color, green all year round. Spring tender point, summer stagnation point, the autumn of the point, the winter deeper. In the forest, the forest in the mountains, the city in the forest, everything is so natural harmony and so easy. The yard of the city a lot, but the daughter of a humble family so wrapped in the primeval forests micro city is the only.

Ximeng is a city of

. A city that is slow to a traffic light, a city that can stop time. Because of this, Ximeng will become a piece of pure land of a bud just ready to burst. Away from the hustle and bustle, far from civilization, once into the micro City, impetuous will be polished.

Ximeng is the birthplace of "a Wa people sing the song", this building has a "a Wa people sing the song" the birthplace of the monument, 2002 was designated as Ximeng county.

the drum Wa people from ancient to modern times, as the worship, the Babel artifact WA, that can knock drum through exorcism gods, demons, drop auspicious. In the past, when there was a war and other emergencies. Set the warning drum; hunter and other wild animals to capture Butch, drumming tribute. The holidays or religious sacrifice, drum more exciting musical instruments.

wa highest level welcome banquet, wo Lang feast, the nest was originally a clan priest, many by the chief. The position of the nest is special, living in large houses, and has a special decoration. Wo Lang Yan became the highest level of the welcome ceremony, came to the wa tribe, the first surprise is Lang Yan wo.

wa girl "dance dance", is a kind of passion bloom, is a pursuit of power, is a kind of wordless shock. Through the "hair flip" show the loved women long hair and often in the bamboo house balcony shampoo, comb the hair, the hair flip scene and love clean, beauty habits show wa girl beautiful kind and hard-working uninhibited character through the hair flip.

happy wa dance, the audience immersed in their own imagination ", let people enjoy the land of idyllic beauty" in the end there is a Yunnan, known as "Heaven Pu’er tea source world paradise.

The new Ximeng County

a bustling, holy and picturesque in its own civilization heroic, stands in the beautiful;