There are feelings of the Yunnan Restaurant – and Sohu

There are feelings of the Yunnan Restaurant – Sohu and inadvertently found a range of children’s literature in Yunnan restaurant, store card to about a few friends together to explore FFC underground, not what the big weekend here ah, Starbucks didn’t open to the glass at a glance, the environment is very good. It is said that the small north, the bait is two cats, although not in the store, but anywhere in the store, decoration and tableware are cats to house many other flowers everywhere, it seems the store is a very happy man to store the breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner really we live together to night to go to the dinner menu, but also can early some afternoon tea is tea so attached to dinner! The North Garden, bait afternoon afternoon tea highlights, there are conventional red velvet, opera, cheese cake ~ bubble Ruda special drink, and have been thinking of each point is not the same as the beverage can try several did not expect all of this last point, coconut and milk is my love dry bread, etc., sago takes up too much stomach almost finished full but really good?? dishes and snacks are also the fried chicken claw, crispy, noodle, good service, Er Si (traditional food of Yunan)?? here is comfortable to sit in, the price is quite high.相关的主题文章: