The woman with her husband and her mother quarrel by her husband hard slap (video)

Woman quarrel with her husband and her mother was her husband hard slap the day before, Chongqing area a small supermarket had a family dispute, a woman back home for too long, suspected her husband did not help the woman, mother also stand on the side of his son, accusing daughter-in-law, an old war staged this. Finally, after 110 police mediation, the war. The woman with her husband and her mother quarrel in September 12th of 8, in 110 at the team soon received a report that a family dispute occurred in a supermarket in University city. 110 police Lv Chuntao, contact the police and the woman surnamed Wang, and immediately rushed to the scene of the. In the supermarket, Ms. Wang cried, a heated argument with her husband zhang. Zhang’s mother stood aside, constantly accused her daughter Wang’s fault, the two sides excited, the police in a timely manner to discourage and understand the situation. The original alarm Wang and her husband, a stranger, a few years ago, two people in support of her parents, a supermarket opened in a university city near the school, two people from dawn to dusk, the business is done fast, one family is happy. With the expansion of the size of the supermarket, two people busy, her husband Zhang will let her mother from home to Chongqing to help take care of the supermarket business. May be due to the busy business, good times don’t last long, one family lack of communication, conflicts often occur as daily household chores. Her husband stood in the mother while smoking wife Zhang’s mother felt face daughter Wang didn’t respect her authority in the home, but also love nagging, the son of Zhang is a little big man, often trivial scolded Wang, the contradiction between man and the woman’s family is getting deep. September 12th at 8 in the evening, Ms. Wang took the time to return home. In fact, in the vicinity of a district, Ms. Wang returned to their parents home, eat dinner, and by the way to see the two children (children in the woman’s parents home). Husband Zhang a person in the supermarket more busy, they called Wang came back. Wang Mougang returned to the supermarket said Zhang few, the two sides yiyanbuge, quarrel, standing on the side of the Zhang’s mother came back, standing in the son the daughter-in-law Wang, constantly scolded. A woman to feel mother Ms. Zhang, they quarrel and yell, and her mother Zhang rushed, emotional, hit Wang neck a slap in the face, Wang will alarm for help. The mediation of the police men admit 110 police understand the situation, the two people of husband and wife and his mother were legal education and mediation. Police told the couple two people, contradictions and disputes in the life, is very normal, both husband and wife should be mutual understanding, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation. Police also carried out the education of the elderly man, told the young people should respect the freedom and power of young people, the elderly should not interfere too much. Under the police’s education, Zhang also realized that he hit the wrong, said it would strengthen communication, a family live in harmony. (editor’s note: the party is a pseudonym) has nothing to do with the content of the video, only the extended reading north of Taiyuan Ge Zhen: the full version of the war law相关的主题文章: