The woman was driving the streets by her husband slapped off after crying (video)

The woman was driving the streets by her husband slapped off burst into tears after the newspaper news (reporter Wang Zhaorong correspondent Fan Jinlin) the afternoon of November 1st, a couple of Yunnan driving in Jianshe Road Road, the route due to a dispute, drunken husband grabbing the steering wheel, and slapping is driving his wife, on the road after being rushed to the scene of the signs of danger appearing everywhere, police control. 16:20 on November 1st, police said there are people in the East, the intersection of Jianshe Road and the people of the road, a car license Yunnan Jetta car on the road to mess around, suspected of drunk driving, far away from the people around. City Public Security Bureau Traffic detachment second brigade service squadron of police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene to stop the vehicle. After the driver got off crying. It turned out that Ms. Wu and her husband Dongmou together to go out to work, Dongmou drunk, and Ms. Hu because of the traffic route dispute. Regardless of the road on the Dong people, while grabbing the steering wheel, while slapping Ms. Hu, coupled with the back of the crying child, Ms. Hu didn’t know what to do. Subsequently, Dongmou was controlled by the police, brought back by his father. (Nandu Morning News) video: the man because of his girlfriend a holiday too little girlfriend slapped boss today: Henan express industry for the double image 11 a week in Zhengzhou is expected to express 80 million today hot news: Zhoukou 7 year old boy suffering from a rare disease drug stopped on a point to eat breakfast have a fever in Shangqiu for about 200 people to eat every day the parents of the children family 8 months spent 20 thousand "shortcut" really bad boy died 3 patients to "rebirth" he wanted to protect the mother and other women’s life driving car collision unaware drove Henan recommended: Henan card glory birth: Henan Henan times idle away in seeking pleasure there is such a special network service, come and see. > > > > a collection of solicitation to bask in your love nest your nest is what? This is what you have the story, shoot down to share it with us ~ scan two-dimensional code download news client anytime, anywhere to watch the news! Today, hot news: Jiaozuo a gray bird looks like residents of the street picked up the swan; Sanmenxia’s 16 year old sister brother will fall in attention to WeChat chat on the train.相关的主题文章: