The western world drama ratings strong obstacle presidential debate preview (video)

The "western world" drama ratings strong presidential debate ahead of the western world to avoid broadcasting 01 highlights many scenes of bloody sci-fi paradise Tencent entertainment news (Wen Dongqi) HBO autumn masterpiece "western world" (Westworld) launched in October 2nd, just a few days to become a hot topic. This book by Jonathan · Nolan (Jonathan Nolan) and Lisa · Joey · Nolan (Lisa Joy Nolan) to create the sci-fi series remake of the 1973 movie of the same name, and the action, violence and conspiracy of multiple elements, although only one episode aired, the audience has sparked numerous conjecture and doubt, and the story buried many foreshadowing, each look over there will be more found. The story of "the western world" takes place in a robot theme park in the future of the world. Tickets for visitors can interact with the real robot. The first episode of the "origin", Geoffrey · White (Jeffrey Wright) as chief designer Bernard · program; Holloway remind Park created by Robert · Dr. Ford [Anthony · Hawkins (Anthony Hopkins) recently decorated, machine were abnormal phenomenon of re encoding. "Variety" confirmed that the western world, the first episode of the audience of 3 million 300 thousand, becoming the "HBO" (True Detective) after the first quarter of the highest ratings TV series. Second episodes originally broadcast in October 9th, coincided with the two presidential candidates Hilary and Trump debate conference, in order to avoid the audience into a dilemma, HBO decided to run ahead of xinji. Starting Friday, HBO users can use the HBO, HBO Go and HBO Now on several platforms called "Preview" of the second sets of bays. As a newcomer to the William and Logan embrace different expectations and schedule together to the western world; and the quality supervision department director Bernard Joseph Lisa · Kulun on the machine will produce abnormal infectious disputes; at the same time black people recruited Laurence to help criminals to explore their own western world deeper secrets. E! Online critic Lauren · peirst (Lauren Piester) said: "the" western world "and" game of Thrones "is completely different, but it is also a excellent works that we indulge." "The guardian" writer Julia · raeside (Julia Raeside) commented: "the premiere is impressive but also with great differences and did not provide much material for thought, human robot is more brilliant cast be struck dumb." "The Losangeles times" Marie · maikner Mara (Mary McNamara) said: "the bizarre twists and turns of the story and the characters follow the development of the plot is free, all HBO"相关的主题文章: