The weather turns cold and do these seven things to help you get through the fall huangshexiaoshuo

The weather turns cold do these seven things to help you healthy and stable through the autumn someone once said: every season is a rich nostalgia. Recently, with the oral and nasal dry wind, cold, and even around people have diarrhea and cough, have been found in the memory of "autumn". In Chinese medicine, once a year, "autumn dryness" began to invade our bodies. Especially after the Mid Autumn Festival, which is the boundary point of climate change. A mid autumn festival, the weather turned cold, sooner or later, a large temperature difference, the body’s metabolism began to slow. As the plants experienced "summer long" to enter the "harvest", but for the people, but this convergence "". Yang slowly returned to our body, have gradually increased, your eyes should also "escape" to attract the noisy summer, returned to his body, let the following seven things to help you secure health, spend the autumn. Do seven things fall not sick early in the morning to drink a bowl of porridge. I have written a book called "health to the spleen and stomach". Weakened functions of spleen and stomach is summer alternant season of a typical phenomenon. Recently, as the weather turns cold, outpatient diarrhea patients in the more immediately. In summer people all love to eat something cold, hot weather rarely stomach discomfort; the weather is cold, gastrointestinal function, diarrhea, stomachache, do not want to eat, it came to the door. The stomach is one of the most important organs in the human body is the most difficult, the autumn is the key period to protect it, from now on storage Yang, to be ready for the winter, porridge is the best food to regulate spleen and stomach. After the beginning of autumn every morning to drink a bowl of rice porridge, can defense except can and stomach spleen. If you add pears, carrots, pumpkin and Lily porridge in the lungs in medicine and food, but also to Yifei Runzao effect. Drink more hot porridge and helps human body sweating, heat, cold chills, let the cold is cured as soon as possible. Sour food in addition to autumn dry. Someone recently summed up the network, the first dish is autumn lotus, the first is the first Chinese yam porridge Lily porridge, first fruit is pear. In fact, these are conducive to prevent autumn dry food. Speaking of autumn dry, this from the inside to the outside of the sense of dry and humid summer is very different, so that people are very uncomfortable. In order to deal with it first, don’t be busy about having to stick autumn fat, light diet to avoid autumn dryness of the gas lung injury. Then to drink plenty of water, eat sour foods, such as citrus, hawthorn, the lungs Sheng Jin, Yin Qing Zao effect. The lotus root clearing away heat, moistening thirst, soothe the nerves role; yam, with spleen and stomach, nourishing kidney Yijing Yifeizhike effect; pear contains 85% water, there is a "natural mineral water", insist on eating two a day, can alleviate Qiuzao, nourishing lung. Early can raise lung. Chunkun lack of autumn, autumn is very easy to feel sleepy, but a lot of people or the continuation of the summer "owls" habit, boil didn’t go to bed late. The Chinese often say "autumn Yangfeihuoxue", which is the most effective way to go to bed early. To conform to the essence of Yin, it can enable the lung to stretch, not only to avoid the leakage of yin and Yang, nursed back to health. In addition, this time to increase the sleep time at night, but also to compensate for lack of sleep in summer. Double back!相关的主题文章: