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The United States with the male god Hawick Lau cabinet to charm Hangzhou Yintai miso male god Hawick Lau, the grand opening of "small rose record"! In September 13, 2016, Garan Group owned by JALA China original high-end brand MAYSU, join the famous Hongkong actor, singer and producer Mr. Hawick Lau, open the "small rose record" prelude to national activities in Hangzhou intime martial arts. At the same time, the United States held a grand opening ceremony of the new cabinet, bring good "beauty" star school classroom for urban women, sharing the road in the early autumn season to nourish skin, and through the United States beat other broadcast media platform, the beauty of women can also let more online feel Hawick Lau’s male god charm and shared the autumn skin nourishing tips: grasp the skin nourishing autumn season four episode, beautiful bloom rose moist season. (photo: – Hangzhou Wulin Yintai counter cabinet opening ceremony site) male god Charm: Join miso, come Hangzhou "Oriental Garden" in recent years, Hawick Lau with "Qianshan Twilight snow", "daughter Nvzei" and many other outstanding works, has become a TV screen with a great king, and in "the lonely court to late spring" in performance, won the 2016 China Drama Festival the year’s most attractive quality actor award. The positive charm of God, created countless classic screen image, he is courteous, gentle and caring, he is pointing Jiangshan, domineering exposed, he is also a Neiwaijianxiu, skin care. In September 13th, Hangzhou Wulin intime miso "small rose record" event, the charm of male god Hawick Lau and good brand and Hangzhou Wulin intime mall executives together for the good of Hangzhou, Wu Lin Yintai shop open cabinet opening, and was invited as a "Star School" beauty good classroom guests, and senior experts Hong beauty teacher, share nourish skin care tips, help urban women enviable achievement Oriental beauty. At the beginning, Garan group director Mr. Zheng Chunwei for the good Hangzhou Wulin store intime cabinet opening speech, stimulate and praise Chinese miso modern female beauty transfer, lead every Chinese women proudly show the brand dream and mission of their own unique fashion charm. The male god Hawick Lau in the media also elaborated on Meisu "beauty from the heart, have different understanding of" brand value, and encourage women from the inside of sublimation of concept and value of beauty, become more confident, more attractive. (photo: Hawick Lau male god charm and Haier mall executives and executives to miso Hangzhou Wulin store intime ribbon) star "beauty": private sharing "Neiwaijianxiu, beauty from the heart of Hawick Lau’s arrival to the scene of the friends excited, inside the atmosphere with the diffusion of male god charm and gradually warming. A modest, self-disciplined gentleman’s courteous, with overbearing president temperament charm of the cold, he attracted everyone’s eyes. In the United States "Beauty School" star in the classroom activities, guest senior skin expert Jia Hong teacher and Hawick Lau discussed the "autumn skin nourishment of the Tao" the big topic, exchange maintenance experience, share regimen. As an actor, although Hawick Lau filming usually very busy, difficult to maintain a regular schedule, but to maintain a good state of the skin, and he usually pays attention to skin foundation.相关的主题文章: