The United States is the iron man his father Iron Man identity e3300

The United States is the iron man his father? Iron Man biological identity of parents do not know why, the company has recently been on the road to walk more and more far away. Earlier, "the United States team and melanization of reversal of the event that many Marvel turn black powder. Recently, Marvel Comics and made a big deal, iron man’s biological father Jude turned out to be a double agent of hydra. In the Marvel comics "Iron Man" in the seventh issue, the story of the exposure of the iron man’s biological parents is two agent Jude and Amanda · of the Armstrong shield. However, everything is not so simple, Jude is actually a hydra double agent, was found in Amanda after Jude was killed. In order to protect Toni, she had to give him to Mrs. Stark. The new event or will affect the Invincible Iron man. Marvel Comics the wits story set has also attracted a large number of fans discontent, fans said: "this is the editor simply said the iron man team and agent Carter kids." Some fans also addressed the question said: "love Nini, routine is not good? If the father is Nini Hydra, the "Iron Man" one or two so-called inheritance old weapons built stark talent, inherited his father’s "Building Expo" will not face any lovemaking; and "Captain America" in 3 Nini painstaking maintenance is not a tragedy? The most important thing is to see the Nini superhuman wisdom in the future, it will be set in the marvel of deeply bound, as revenge scam." "However, in accordance with the development of the comic comic routines, if it can not go on the final choice of the universe will be blown up, restart a." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: