The U.S. – Stanislas 3-1 Lectra first into the nishikori finals will fight a small German Sohu Sport magicq

Us – Valinka’s 3-1 finals will be the first nishikori war – Sports Sohu Xiaode Beijing time on September 10th morning, the 2016 U.S. Open Grand Slam tennis match continues, second in the men’s singles semi-final, No. 3 seed Valinka against No. 6 seed kei. In the game Valinka Xiandiu case, 4-6 7-5 6-4 6-2 score 3-1 beat nishikori, occupation career first into the men’s singles final of the US Open, and the small German championship. Wawrinka is the current US No. 3 seed, has defeated wodasike, Jiannasi, marchenko and Del Botero after the occupation career third times and scored the US Open semi-finals. Wawrinka in the semi-final opponent is Japan’s eight Kei nishikori, 3-2 reversed out of the favourites Murray, following the 2014 us open after second career Grand Slam semifinals. A total of two players had played 5 times, Wawrinka 3 wins 2 of the negative record. The first game in the opening stage, issued their own security level 2-2 after the fifth inning, nishikori 40-15 extract a break point, then even broken with Paul lead 4-2. Then two people are unable to break the opponent’s serve nishikori Paul made the tenth inning after 6-4 to win the first set 1-0 ahead. The second game in the first game nishikori completes breaks, then Paul made second 2-0 lead. Since then, the state of recovery, even with a broken into a 2-2 ping. Then the game way Baofa came to 5-5, then Stanislas Paul made the eleventh inning lead 6-5, second disc nishikori non insurance can not serve in the Wahlin card once again to complete the break, 7-5 won the second set, the total score level 1-1. The third game, 1-1 issued their own security level, then even Wawrinka Paul with a broken 4-1 lead. The backward nishikori began to force, to extract a break point Paul made the sixth after the seventh inning, Wawrinka backhand back breaking bureau points out like a 3-4. The court began to rain, the roof was closed after the game continues, nishikori Paul made the eighth inning for a 4-4 flat. In the ninth game, nishikori was forced out of the break point, strong serve Baofa 5-4 lead Wawrinka, nishikori non insurance can not serve, Wawrinka in the second break points to win 6-4, third disc 2-1 lead. The fourth game, the first game after second Stanislas Baofa, bureau of 40-0 out of three consecutive break points, completed after the break 2-0 lead Wahlin card. Then issued their own security bureau came to 3-1, Wawrinka fifth game double fault sent break point, even saved two break points after nishikori back broken, but the key in the sixth inning Wawrinka again back breaking, leading 4-2. Wawrinka then Paul made 5-2 lead seventh, eighth then the Bureau nishikori non insurance can not serve, Stanislas 40-15 extract a break point and match point, nishikori saved a match point after the ball in the net to second match points, 6-2 won fourth disc Wahlin card. Finally, after 3 hours and 07 minutes of fighting, the No. 3 seed 4-6 7-5 6-4 6-2 score 3-1 Wawrinka beat No. 6 seed nishikori, occupation career for the first time into the US men’s singles final. The game Wahlin card)相关的主题文章: