The ticket has nail households s forward reform to solve the trouble.

The ticket has "nail households" S forward to solve the trouble put reform hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my financial information network (reporter Zhang Zhao) at present in the A stock market only two shares of "nail households" S Giti and S striker (600733). However, earlier this month S Giti disclosed the share reform program of their own, so that the remaining S share reform forward unfunded. However, in September 13th, S striker received the Commission’s administrative penalty book. Or in order to alleviate the current embarrassing situation, in the day of receipt of the ticket, S striker decided to suspend planning reform matters. Investigation of a year ticket due to the letter Phi suspected violations, the Commission on the S striker filed a year of investigation. In September 13th, the Commission to S forward issued administrative penalty decision, the company shall be ordered to correct, given a warning and imposed a fine of 600 thousand yuan; two, Yang Xiaobin, Zhu Ting, Wang Xiaoping given a warning, and were fined 300 thousand yuan; Deng Hongguang given a warning and imposed a fine of 50 thousand yuan; to give a warning, Jiang Jiufu Lv Xianpei and, to show tension on the lake, Chen Senlin, Tao Lei, and were fined 30 thousand yuan. The origin of the punishment agreement 13 years ago. It is understood that in 2003, S striker and Shandong Xin signed the agreement, the S forward in the name of generation Shandong Xin Rong shares Wuzhou securities, S received 87 million Yuan Xin Shandong striker subscription payment after two to 87 million points in 2004 to Wuzhou Wuzhou securities securities account verification, subscription shares. In December 2010, Wuzhou securities bankruptcy liquidation group has filed a lawsuit to the court, requesting S forward to fulfill the obligation of capital contribution of 87 million yuan and the corresponding interest. In October 28, 2013, the Henan Provincial High Court issued a "civil judgment", a trial of S forward judgment within 30 days after the Wuzhou securities paid 87 million yuan and the corresponding interest. Although the S striker appealed against, but upheld the original verdict. The key problem is that in this lawsuit can calculate the amount of 87 million yuan of the company from 2009 to 2013, accounting for the proportion of the net assets of the audit for 29.59% to 40.23% period, should be recognized as a major lawsuit, but the company did not timely disclosure of significant litigation events. The only company reform plan received administrative punishment in S forward shortly before another reform "nail households" S Giti disclosed the reform plan in early September. Need to mention that S, Giti and S are currently only two forward two remaining non listed companies, the share reform program of Giti’s S a S forward situation is particularly awkward. In order to change the current unfavorable situation, in the disclosure of administrative fines, S striker announced the suspension announcement of the share reform plan matters. In fact, as early as January 2007, S striker has disclosed restructuring and equity division reform program. February 2007, S forward extraordinary general meeting to consider the adoption of the resolution in the form of a special resolution, the program will be submitted to the Commission for approval. Howeverdiscusses相关的主题文章: