The Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway in Ningbo today by Alipay to pay the toll

The Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway in Ningbo today by Alipay to pay the toll in Ningbo high-speed toll station finally with alipay. Reporters yesterday from the Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo high-speed Ningbo Management Department learned that from the beginning of this afternoon, Ningbo (near the airport viaduct) and Yuyao 2 toll stations began to increase the function of Alipay to pay the toll. Ningbo expressway management office staff said, yesterday afternoon, Ningbo and Yuyao toll station Alipay charging equipment already in place, after the installation of the test, this afternoon, you can use for the owners. The driver through the toll station, you can choose to pay cash, if you want to use Alipay, you can come up with mobile phone, open the Alipay client, according to the above "payment" page to toll bar code scanning gun scan to complete the payment, and Alipay in the ordinary supermarket is as like as two peas, and this process only. Take a few seconds. In addition, the Yinzhou Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway in Ningbo involved (original Zhu), the great saphenous and moushan 3 toll stations are also expected to launch equipment installation, the function of this week. At present, in the high-speed toll station, in addition to the cash payment, but also the use of ETC lanes, but ETC need special equipment installation in the vehicle, and the use of Alipay group is relatively large, the use of Alipay to pay, not only can save the change of trouble, and let the truck and other large tolls to pay more convenient, so raise fees by speed, but also to ease the high-speed port congestion during peak periods. Relevant personage says, the Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway is the first expressway opened Alipay pay tolls, in addition to the high speed, is expected to soon Hangzhou Anhui speed, Shanghai Jiangsu and Anhui Shenjiahu expressway, Hangzhou high-speed Hangzhou section and Huzhou section, Yongjin Expressway in Jinhua will also enable the service. Reporter correspondent Ren Lili, Zhang Xia, Fan Hong相关的主题文章: