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UnCategorized Belly dancing and fitness have been synonymous with one another since the birth and continuation of belly dancing traditions in the western worlds. It’s not only an extremely old and fascinating dance but it is also a fantastic way to get exercise, as it is .parable to aerobics. If you have ever seen a belly dancing show you are probably asking yourself how this dance and fitness can go together since the movements are so deliberately slow it might seem to the untrained eye that isn’t a lot of work out involved in this style of dance. Let’s take a look at the fads that have sprung up since the 19th century when it crashed on to the scene in the west. Dancing In The Streets When this fine art was originally brought over to the west, more and more people who weren’t of Middle Eastern descent starting to realize the wonder of this dance and wanted to learn. However, in those days there weren’t many studios and teachers so you had to locate someone who would be willing to teach you the specific skills required. In today’s society we have seen an immense uprising in this great hobby and fitness, as there are as many outlets that offer dancing classes as there are exercise facilities almost. It has almost be.e main stream and the demand for it is climbing dramatically. Belly dancing was also known to carry a stigma that it was like a strip show or something of that nature and since that stigma has been lifted by the world of knowledge and understanding, it has since be.e huge. It Hits Mainstream! As mentioned above, when this style of dance hit the western world and the stigma was cleared that it was not a form of stripping or something that strippers necessarily took part in, people started to appreciate the beauty in the liquid like movements and the sensual sounding costumes that jingle and tangle when the woman moves her body in the form of the dance. It is today one of the highest sought after physical activities and the demand shows that it is clearly climbing. This dance has crossed all international borders and is on the rise still today as more and more women learn about this very old fine art form and desire to learn it. If you are looking for a resource that is in your area to incorporate belly dancing and fitness into your life just do an online search for a teacher in your area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: