The performance of cross-strait relations between the new authorities in Taiwan 4 to 8 people are

The new authorities in cross-strait relations Taiwan 4 to 8 people are not satisfied with the – Beijing, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan’s "United Daily News" cross-strait relations annual survey found that over the past year, people think that the ratio of foreign affairs and military sides in a competitive state was significantly increased. 10%. Eight of the people think that the dispute of the 92 consensus will result in the change of cross-strait relations, which is second only to the "Taiwan independence". The survey also found that the performance of cross-strait relations for Cai Yingwen’s performance, the majority of people with a negative rating, 40% of the eight are not satisfied with the satisfaction of a 30%, 10% no opinion. "Taiwan independence" is still the biggest variable, according to reports, under the premise of not suggesting options, Taiwan people still think that Taiwan independence is the biggest variable in cross-strait relations, but the ratio dropped to 20% from last year’s 20% to nine of two. It is worth noting that the 92 consensus dispute may allow the ratio of cross-strait relations to change from a substantial increase of last year’s two percent to 10% of eight. Taiwan joint news, the annual survey of cross-strait relations since 2010, the annual tracking of the views of the people of Taiwan cross-strait relations. The survey is based on "cross-strait friendship scale" please the people of Taiwan for cross-strait political, military, economic and social affairs, five aspects of comprehensive assessment. In a survey to very scope, a score to four points on behalf of cross-strait relations or friendly and mutual benefit, and five to six representing the relationship, to score seven is representative of tension between the two sides or competition. The interaction is well received in the folk survey results show that five major areas, is still the current cross-strait interaction has received 30%, two people feel warm cross-strait relations, 40% four and 10% nine relations, relations between the two sides feel depressed. On average, the average score of social relations between the two sides five three, the five largest in the field of praise. Compared with the continuous and stable development of social interaction between the two sides of the Strait, the public for cross-strait political, economic and trade, military and foreign affairs in the competition or the opposition is becoming tense. The close interaction rate represents a new low on behalf of the political field of cross-strait official relations is the biggest indicator of the evaluation of change. Both sides agreed that the interaction ratio from 20% last year dropped to four 10% three, a low of 40% a previous survey; think the relationship is stable, is less than last year four percentage points; the feeling of Taiwan and the mainland official in the doldrums people from 20% a 30% increase in six, is the previous survey record. On average, the official cross-strait interaction score six five.相关的主题文章: