The people of Beijing flowers to mourn Castro the Cuban Embassy at half

The people of Beijing flowers to mourn Castro the Cuban embassy flags the original title: Beijing people. The Cuban Embassy at half mast mourning Castro Beijing News News (reporter Li Ming) this morning, about 8:30, a number of Beijing citizens gathered in the Cuban embassy, flowers tribute to the late Cuban leader Castro, Cuban flag inside the embassy also dropped to half mast. According to the Beijing News reported earlier, 26 am local time, Cuban leader Raul, Castro, announced a national televised speech, Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel died at the age of 90. Around 8:30 this morning, in Chaoyang District Xiushui 1 South Street outside the Cuban embassy, nearly 10 people carrying flowers and wreaths to mourn the spontaneous beam, the Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. In the coordination of embassy staff, for people in the embassy gate publicity column next completed flowers ceremony, and bowed. A citizen surnamed Song told the Beijing News reporter, his attention of Castro for many years, the revered spiritual leader. Yesterday learned that the news of the death of Castro, is very sad, after a simple preparation last night, today came from the residence to mourn." Beijing News reporter saw the embassy building in front of the Cuban flag has been reduced to half mast, an embassy staff told reporters today, the embassy held a public memorial service plan. Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: