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The old female star does not repair? According to the United States has Hepburn full face grinding new network skin – many people believe in the beauty of the camera, no Photoshop era, those female star photos are really beautiful. As a straightforward person, I could not help but want to break the myth of the "strange old time was exceptionally good". A year ago, someone made a June in a foreign forum Reddit? Crawford’s 1930s film promotional photos and its original piece. By contrast, you will find that in addition to lightening, wrinkle, adjust the face, as well as the depth of skin grinding. It is said that this picture is a self-taught artist James SHARP map? (James Sharp) hand finishing spent 6 hours. Since the representative of the golden age of Hollywood has been in the repair of photos, then we can boldly doubt, at the same time actress and later packaging team of female stars should be able to master the necessary survival skills. Then I found so literally yisou, goddess of the goddess — Audrey Hepburn’s graphic record?. In memory of Tiffany’s breakfast, the film was released 50 years ago, and the official published a book that looked back on the film. But some of the details of this book make people feel the heroine harbour evil designs. In addition to the original author of the original idea of the heroine is actually Marilyn, Monroe, also released a photo of Audrey, the repair of photos. The picture of the painting is the art director gave worship. Obviously he felt when he was 32 years old Hepburn up facial fine lines and full face dermabrasion. In addition to the Hollywood stars, business long-term retouching is big financier John Morgan:??. Because of suffering from skin diseases, he has a shape too prominent, and the color purple nose. If you look at his photos on the Internet, there is almost no repair. In order to protect the personal image, Morgan hated all candid. That year also staged a "financial tycoon street beat reporters" drama, and also left a photo. However, even in this picture, it may be because the exposure is excessive, it may also be repaired, but also did not reveal the truth of his nose. If you use "no trace of PS" to describe these modified photos, in fact, is very correct expression. Because there is no Photoshop. I was curious how they were going to fix the pictures, so they had an open mind to find a few brochures and more than 100 years ago, the price of 25 cents, mixed with a variety of promotional advertising photography monthly. Then, it has a completely new and systematic understanding of this issue. In early twentieth Century, the repair technology in the photographic circle is not a high-tech. When someone does not rely on a key beauty, a knife and a pencil. The black and white film was obtained as the negative is developed and developing. So, where the film comes out, it is black, and the pencil or other parts of it will become white. If you want to push the first body thin, blade outline traces, and then stained with cotton or leather powder Polish film. The face lift method is almost. Draw first.相关的主题文章: