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The network of false news about video games as disaster caused by flooding water original title: online video games on false news also when many people disaster caused by flooding water such as Zuckerberg and Obama in fear of harm the network a lot of false news brings, it is easy to be ignored is that the false content on the web is far more than political related information, for example there are about video games, false news. Reported that, in the Facebook and Google search results in the long-term existence of false information about a large number of electronic games, these false information relates to "call of duty" and "radiation" and "Grand Theft Auto" and other popular games. For example, this year "will launch a" GTA 6 "" false news, not only have a release date, and "the new game will have instant mobile skills" such false information. In the Google input "Half-Life 3", you will find that most of the previous search results are false news, these articles in order to cover up their false false, in the title of the use of a large number of question marks. Although the content is false, but they still get a lot of sharing and reproduced on the Facebook. Why are there so many false news about video games? One of the reasons is that most of the websites that publish these messages are personal websites, they can publish any information at will, and get the profit according to the click rate. Although these video game will not get the same false news, false news and political attention and criticism, but I still hope Zuckerberg false news in cleaning up on the Facebook also noted that this type of non political false news.相关的主题文章: