The most youthful counselor Sun Yaoqi can successfully wash white Mody-shuyue

Most youth counselor Sun Yaoqi can successfully washed what Sina entertainment news the day before, Hunan satellite TV, "the first grade · Promo graduation season" official after Chen Jianbin [micro-blog], Julian Cheung Anita Yuen [micro-blog] [micro-blog] couple and loura [micro-blog] several stars such as the teacher after the announcement, publicity counselor Sun Yaoqi is also the final exposure. In the finale Promo exposure, Sun Yaoqi full of youthful vigor, seemingly also staged a reversal of this plot, guess the story to the audience look forward to broadcast. The youth counselor pressure as everyone knows "the first grade" the counselor should not only in daily life and their wits, but also for its academic achievement. The same as "the first grade" counselor Song Jia, micro-blog, micro-blog [] [micro-blog] Yuan Shanshan and Sun Yaoqi, it was taken out and compared with each other. Song Jia is taking care of small children, teacher mother’s attitude to the audience was impressed by the children affectionately known as "little teacher"; and then to Yuan Shanshan, is the University’s director of auditors, encourage students, for students who really worry about, so many people on the Yuan Shanshan road turn the powder; it was Sun Yaoqi’s turn, her pressure is served as counselor in the biggest, because she is not only responsible for the care of the students in a total of 17 people, including professional students, many. So when Sun Yaoqi will serve as first grade · graduation season after the news came out, immediately attracted onlookers questioned. Almost all the people are in doubt, the look is simply 90 girl, can live in this group of the same age students bear? There is sun Yaoqi pinch to sweat. "First grade" was a white program? In the last quarter of the first grade "· University"; season just aired, many users complained about the addition of Yuan Shanshan, felt that her trick is not fit to be a university teacher in bold, but as the show progresses, the audience have touched many sincere performance from Yuan Shanshan, and finally successfully washed. Sun Yaoqi’s in the first grade "·" in the graduation season last season and people like Yuan Shanshan, the same as the University counselor. Not reminiscent of the last show, is designed for the "white" and come. Because, in addition to the same people, two people in the program before the experience is almost the same. That year, Yuan Shanshan for the film and television drama is not popular, by netizens and scold and black, even launched "Yuan Shanshan get out of the entertainment topic; and Sun Yaoqi had also because in a video broadcast in direct users to answer questions, accidentally revealed the former gossip Zhao Liying [micro-blog] and Chen Xiao [micro-blog] netizens crazy black rave scheming". Clean up experience in the last season under Yuan Shanshan, taking over as the University Counselor Sun Yaoqi in this season can be successfully washed? This has naturally become the most anticipated spectator. Through the exposure of the Sun Yaoqi film, it seems that she was well mixed in the student population, there is a great potential for student asylum, what is the truth? Please pay close attention to this season’s first grade · graduation season, it will restore a most.相关的主题文章: