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Personal-Tech The most current Apple tablet PC in the market, the iPad 2 recieved a lot of surprises as well as issues. Everybody ask about when the new iPad 3 will release, what features are, Each person is waiting for the new of version of iPad, one of the features people had been attempting to find was the retina display that’s now on the Apple iPhone 4S. How About The New Design? The iPad 3 will have a lighter weight by reducing the weight of battery just like everyone predicted, But the battery is reported to cost 20 to 30 percent more than the present iPad’s battery, and will also have a better battery charge lifespan. The technology made by OmniVision will provide help to reduce the dimensions of the table by 20 percent. Apple has planned to use fingerprint technology in the iPad three. Apple use oleophobic to cover the screen that might scale back the fingerprints and oil on the screen. This definitely made the Apple iPad 3 a powerful tablet and a main rival in the world of widget. What is the New Features? Now Apple makes the challenge harder by using an A6 Quad-core Processor. This would make the iPad three as potent as any top spec desktop. The iPad 3 will .e with the latest iOS five, which should have the multi-touch gesture technology. This also can include multitasking features, e.g. Notifications, run many applications, play music, and watch video. The iPhone four now supports the Retina Display with a display resolution of 960 x 640, and it makes text and graphics look smooth at any size. With the Retina Display feature, the display resolution of the iPad 3 will be 2048 x 1536 pixels. Nonetheless, it is claimed that the iPad 3 is delayed due to Retina Display issues, and it makes the iPad 3 will not ship in early 2012. There are speculations the tablet will show the 3D view; nevertheless, it is too early to expect feature like that. The iPad three will include an improved camera, since the previous version of the table didn’t satisfy enough. The new iPad 3 will .e to you with LED flash to support the camera. It is predicted that iPad three will have 5 Million pixels camera support top quality photograph, and it can record high resolution video (720p or 1080p). The new iPad release will be.e the most wanted device; everyone cannot wait what type of feature does it has? Apple not only creates a tablet PC, but they create a revolutionary tablet PC, and it like that. What type of iPad 3 features are you expecting? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: