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The man saved 90 pounds "Jupiter"   wrinkled skin white inside — Hainan window, days before, Harbin citizens Mr. Pang picked up a large seven small 8 Tuo "monster" in Songbei near a construction site, weighing 90 pounds. He is suspected of "Jupiter", to find experts to help identify it. 9 days, reporters in Mr. Pang home to see, the big Tuo "monster" diameter of about 40 cm, about 15 cm high, wrinkled skin that looks like an animal brain, skin touch by hand, rough sandpaper like feel, "monster" internal white and delicate, in the hand is very tough. There is no obvious smell smell. According to Mr. Pang said, 1 at around 15, he went for a walk in Songbei near a construction site, found a lump of something a ramp was opened on the hook "above, the same as the bark inside the white snow, I took a close look, half of the soil in the half exposed". Mr. pang to remove the soil near, found that the bulb as big as a washbasin, also very heavy, damaged part of the skin. "I stumbled home, said a more than and 60 pounds". The picture is provided by Mr. Pang. Pick up this lump of "monster", Mr Pang is very excited, immediately inform the relatives, ask seen. "The home of many relatives told me that this is the" Lion ", I really like, check the Internet, quickly return to the site, in the vicinity and found seven small lump, there are more than and 20 pounds, the original estimate as a whole, is to break the hook up". Mr. Pang is looking for experts these days, I hope to be able to identify what is in the end.   news link Taisui, also known as Ganoderma meat, is in the nature of plant, animal and non non non fungus fourth kinds of life forms, the scientists say Taisui is a super rare slime complex, that it is the ancient ever-young elixir. Lord japper fiber Taisui and meat into Jupiter gum two, Lord japper fiber in the mountains, no flexibility, near the Ganoderma lucidum; Lord japper meat glioma from earth, elastic, fleshy texture. Lord japper grew very slowly, anti-aging, anti – tumor and enhance the role of immunity. (from network) (commissioning editor: Lu Shaoxiong, Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: