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The man on the gun curious online shopping firearms accessories jailed for 3 years 6 months, the original title: the man out of curiosity online shopping of firearms accessories was sentenced to 3 years 6 months and fined 10 thousand to a gun parts online shopping. Photo by Chen Xiaoping Chu network news (reporter Zhang Cheng correspondent Chen Xiaoping, Wang Tiantian) in November 11th, many "chop hand family ushered in once a year online shopping Carnival" double eleven". At 9 in the morning, the Wuhan Municipal Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing with the defendant wish a smuggling ammunition, illegal sale of firearms case, the defendant to buy guns, ammunition is purchased through the internet. At the beginning of February 2014, the defendant a wish by QQ to the Taiwan area, the seller Xiemou ordered barrel. In February 10th, a wish to transfer the way Alipay, invested 2500 yuan to buy 1 barrels. Xiemou after receipt of payment to counterfeit the name of the goods, will send by express the wish of a barrel. In March 1, 2014, I wish once again to thank some money to pay 5000 yuan to buy 2 barrels, and the gift of 1000 gas cartridges. At the same time, I wish a Taobao in the online purchase of Airsoft accessories, with 1 barrels above buy 1 gun, and the other 1 barrels and a soup with some air gun accessories assembled into another 1 gun. After the incident, a tiger was arrested. After identification, the 2 air guns are launching power projectiles with high-pressure gas, than the muzzle kinetic energy is greater than 1.8J per square centimeter, were identified as firearms; from 1 pieces of non standard projectile lead gas cartridge. After the court hearing that the defendant to a violation of state regulations on customs and national regulations on ammunition, illegal smuggling from Taiwan 1000 lead bullets entry, less serious, his behavior constituted the crime of smuggling ammunition; in violation of state regulations on firearms, illegal purchase of firearms and barrel parts assembly a 2 gun, his behavior constituted the crime of illegal trade in firearms. The prosecution of the facts of the crime was established, accurate charges. I wish a defendant committed several crimes, should be combined punishment according to law. After the case the defendant truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, pleaded guilty a good attitude, it can be given a lighter punishment. According to the defendant’s criminal facts, nature, circumstances and social harm, the court of First Instance sentenced the accused guilty of smuggling ammunition to the crime, and sentenced to three years imprisonment, fined ten thousand yuan; the crime of illegal trade in firearms and sentenced to three years in prison, decided to implement the three years and six months imprisonment and fined. Ten thousand yuan. After the verdict, the presiding judge of the legal publicity, think this case provoking regrettable, because the defendant of gun curiosity and lack of legal consciousness, the crime on the road is very dangerous, the ignorance of the law, law, law, law is the most basic of every citizen request. Source: Sports Network Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: