The last sixty days sprint christie stevens

English section of the last sixty days sprint planning into the second half of October, I believe we have completed the basic English review: a PubMed brush and ten years old to recite vocabulary. After you finished Zhenti, is not to own English despair? When I brush it after the sister had a deep sense of frustration, and find your life doomed and missed the sister…… Fortunately, I finally adhere to the down, into the sprint stage, the more I get more and more courage to adhere to, and finally to overcome the difficulties of english! Here, I represent the New Oriental online national postgraduate entrance examination research center to share my English sprint planning, and friendship in to my juniors some tips ~! On schedule: =10 month – Sprint early December (Sprint + Zhenti breakdown breakthrough +12 month) to the postgraduate entrance examination before (a, consolidating) + partial breakthrough in the first stage Zhenti sprint time: late October to mid November, about three weeks: focus on reading and writing tasks: 1, ten years of careful research papers, especially note again missed the title, a careful analysis of the cause of the error. Focus on reading, reading and analyzing the structure of each sentence to understand. 2, conscientiously sum up the knowledge points and do test method, recorded, after repeated review will do a few times Zhenti master consolidate difficulty Zhenti in. 3, back word! No words will Zhenti collated into a small notebook, repeat. 4, write an article every week to make their own satisfaction, can be repeatedly modified. And recite the model and the classical sentence structure. Close to the postgraduate entrance examination, professional review becomes very important! I believe you and I like that, you need a lot of time to review professional courses. Professional course is very important, but the English review can not fall. We suggest that you take every day for at least 2-3 hours of learning English, in order to protect their own English not to fall! This is my year to develop English review schedule, we can refer to: schedule             Monday to Friday; Saturday;         Sunday morning 7:00-7:30        words       back words;   back the word 3:30-4:00  in the afternoon;     review the day before the knowledge point at 4:00-5:30          Zhenti study;   writing (Essay + composition)       according to the model modify the composition and structure of the accumulation of material, excellent patterns of half an hour before going to bed     back;  !相关的主题文章: