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The image of the studio without qualification training class 60 thousand class tuition arrangements do not want to learn Manicure, makeup, and job for oneself, 13 people paid nearly 60 thousand yuan tuition, but has not on the training course. 18, 2009, the south bank District Industrial and commercial bureau informed the case without qualification training courses. Pay the tuition complaints not on the course informed that, recently, Nanping industry also received 13 consumer complaints scene, said the south bank area of a personal image studio charge, training Manicure makeup, not by the written agreement to carry out training duty and training contract, although many operators find the store, but the store is not training not allowed to enter the store, the operators do not come forward to solve the problem, and refused to answer the phone. 13 people can not maintain their legitimate rights and interests, hoping to return to the training fee of $59580. Investigation was closed to avoid the investigation by investigators found that in August 4, 2014, the complainant was registered in the south bank area of a personal image studio, the main business scope for personal image design. During the investigation, the complainant is neither in the approved business premises, nor in the place of a new lease engaged in business activities, the phone has been turned off. Subsequently, the law enforcement officers through the Property Management Company and identity card information to be contacted by the complainant, and notify the complainant in the specified time to reach the business sector for investigation. The respondent in the survey said, since the image studio registered business in general, in order to improve the operating income, in July this year, employing several Manicure master to recruit students for training, and for each student received training fees ranging from 2000~9000 yuan. However, in the course of training due to poor management led to a serious loss, it can not continue to carry out training business for the trainees, so the door closed to refuse to answer the phone. No qualification class full refund of Nanping business by law enforcement officers believe that the operators in violation of the "consumer protection law" and "consumer rights infringement behavior punishment measures" and other relevant laws and regulations. Eventually, the law enforcement officers repeatedly coordinated by the complainant and 13 consumers to reach a settlement, a one-time refund of a total of $59580 training fee. At the same time, the parties without qualification fee do training, allegedly beyond the scope, according to the provisions of the "Regulations" in Chongqing city to investigate unlicensed behavior, law enforcement officers to issued a "rectification notice", the scope of business shall be ordered to correct the illegal behavior. Law enforcement officers remind consumers in the choice of training school, be sure to check the qualification certificates, in order to avoid being cheated.相关的主题文章: