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The hometown of Andersen, the Danish fairy tale qiuyinong Tourism – Sohu is nothing more than a beautiful season of autumn, the leaves are crazy, enjoy showing their final cadenza this season, whether it is sunny "autumn Xi baiyunfei", or "the miserable conditions leaves to fall Xi Yan Nan GUI", no matter is beautiful or beautiful, anyway, the beauty of autumn always Nordic autumn, thick and heavy in colours, seems to have some beauty is "desperate", in addition to fallen leaves, wet cotton, winter is coming slowly, as if no end of the night, also seems to make people a bit sad. On the first day of Fyn, and there is no rain, but there is fog, gloomy weather seemed not around the fog, but a cloud of incense. When I visited the castle, I could not imagine that the tour guide came to say the first sentence, actually, you are lucky, no rain today. However, our good luck in the first days on the run, the next in Fyn in a week, we go out to the not forget to take the umbrella is, as though we were not, Denmark, but rot country. People’s perception is sometimes very strange, I think this kind of weather, but added a kind of sadness the beauty of the raindrops hit the umbrella, playing in the old city of stone on the road, playing in the branches on the leaves, playing under the tree fallen, really a bit like, there is a naughty little Thumbelina, dancing in the rain, Odense is such a day alone thick, no matter rain snow, all can you feel the breath of the fairy tale. Walking in the rain, I will open my mobile phone in the music, listening to the song some times when it sad beautiful rains, how can there be such a beautiful music, with the Danish weather, so. In October the island of Funen, autumn concentrated too, rain washed leaves, more bright colors, and color with those around the building, echoed each other, the achievements of the autumn picture here. Love walking in the Odense streets and lanes aimlessly, so the seasons and the weather, a lot of people and shops will be lit up early, and this is the light of the window or window, there will be a demon exorcism effect, make people feel warm and bright. The Danes love bike, you can always see a street full of parked bicycles, street bike sped past the people, every time I come here, bicycles, cyclists will be my movie star. Those seemingly casual parking bike, and sometimes it is really a picture of the picture. The circle of friends have said, how do I suddenly become art, took so many tone bike… In fact, I’m not art, but the people living in Odense. The total, think whether it is antique or modern fashion house, the window, as long as there are just parked bicycles, add a breath of life. ——————-…?相关的主题文章: