The holidays are over eleven four tips for prevention of post holiday syndrome —

The holidays are over eleven   four tips for prevention of post holiday syndrome — Health Channel – original title: eleven the end of the holiday four tips for preventing post holiday syndrome seven day holiday was spoiled and you won’t have to worry as usual, suffer post holiday syndrome? Postganglionic syndrome is various physiological or psychological performance in people after the holiday, such as a few days after feeling tired, not to mention the spirit, work and learning efficiency is low, even with unexplained nausea, neurasthenia. To avoid this, Beijing, some sort of diet, rest and other aspects of the proposal, let you on the first day of the festival full of spirit. Adjust the rest early since February 2015, Sina micro-blog # # post holiday syndrome "topic page continued to have a new post, more than 10 million of the total amount of reading. The first day of the festival has yet to come, some netizens complain about the "halo halo of the day in the morning." "I want to sleep a pitch-dark". Compared to work, school, a lot of people vacation time is very irregular. Some people go online or play cards all night, some people on the trip, the biological clock is disrupted. After it is difficult to quickly adapt to the night can’t sleep, daytime sleep. One remedy is to adjust the schedule as Zaoshuizaoqi, conditional word can be appropriate to lunch. If you can’t sleep at night, a hot bath will help you sleep. Micro-blog users on # # topic post holiday syndrome after eleven holidays. Eat nutritious meals during the dark vegetables eleven, a lot of people eating meat began to eat no law, not stop, excessive drinking party, causing gastrointestinal burden. Professor Ma Guansheng of Peking University Health Science Center School of public health in an interview with Xinhua reporters pointed out that after the diet should follow the principle of diversity, because a single food nutrition is certainly not comprehensive. Can reduce the amount of meat intake, eat more grains and green vegetables. "Pay attention to increasing the proportion of dark colored vegetables," Ma Guansheng said, compared with light colored vegetables, dark colored vegetables contain more B vitamins and minerals. Some people say a few days after the holiday "vegetarian for health", in this regard, Ma Guansheng said recovery drink cereal porridge every day helps damaged stomach, but if eat too light, can also cause micronutrient intake and high quality protein deficiency, should pay attention to nutrition. Data chart. Beijing, a Qing photo of moderate exercise to ease the pressure after not to mention the spirit, no appetite to do? Moderate exercise may help you. "Eating ‘and’ moving ‘are two things that can help to adjust your appetite to normal," says Ma, who can not only relieve stress, control weight, but also promote sleep. Can you love sports after work or after school, such as jogging, swimming, dancing, badminton, the fatigue of the body are active rest, more vigorous development after work. After the work intensity is not too large in addition to regulating sleep, diet, body movement, psychological)相关的主题文章: