The high value of war drama Yan Dao National Day premiere blood exposure forging team Poster (video) diqua

The high value of war drama "Yan Dao" National Day premiere blood exposure forging’s entertainment news by the Tencent poster cloud pictures and CHUANSHI film CO produced, Pu Bajia, Xu Seng, Wang Ou, from Zheng Yitong, Hao Rongguang, peak strength of the faction war legend "forging the sword" emotional masterwork (also known as "hot blood juncture") will be on October 1st at the CCTV-8 Gold Theater premiere. The campaign for the "knife" to forge ahead of CCTV broadcast, the film side exposed a group of "hot blooded men" posters, exquisite picture, very large texture, the fire smoke visual shock, vivid reproduction of the Chinese people fought pride, and the rivers surging days. The blood’s open "screen" mode created by famous writers Wang Jun wrote the war deduction in the love hate Elegy "forging the sword", a senior producer featuring producer Zeng hui. The play focuses on after the outbreak of the war, a number of Yunnan’s youth in Yunnan, Trinidad to struggle against the Japanese invaders, in the blood and fire test in the battlefield continue to experience growth, eventually to light the epic saga. At the same time, they are also in the flames of war era, with the youth and lives to write the song a very touching the flames. The poster, played by Pu Bajia Jiang Xiaodao, dressed in minority costumes, knife in hand, eyes firm, strong gas fearless, highlights the determination to defend the country. Xu Seng plays Xiao Yiheng, an upright awe inspiring, and fully demonstrated the soldiers, gas through mountains and rivers of the upright and outspoken heroic pride. Wang Ou’s Jiang Meilan had changed her in "the pretender", "Langya Bang" to the audience left a subtly malicious impression, dressed in minority costumes, a little smile, dignified and delicate to appear in large posters, as "forged knife" main posters, add a touch of bright color. Another drama actress Zheng Yitong, who plays the underground party members Shen Peiqin, calm eyes hand gun, a Nei potential. While Liu Gong played for the summit, was wearing a military uniform, eyes also evil, treacherous, loyal nanbian. Different from all previous war drama, war legend "knife" the emotional piece forged posters, namely the penetration of the visual effect of a different kind of fresh and rich texture, blood will suction eye Yan high value, legend and mystery and the images are from screen out by insiders and friends praised as "Yan value" of the highest emotional drama of war. Small figures highlight the great feelings of commitment by producer Zeng Hui "conscience creation" won the audience emotional epic war legend "forging sword" producer Zeng Hui from the material planning at the beginning, they strive to jump out of Japanese oratorio, opera, martial arts and entertainment such as extreme criticism, take a very accurate positioning, with little love hate hatred as a perspective, a very touching, love the fire front BaiZhuanQianHui show in the cruel and tragic war background. The exposure of the poster, just from one side, three-dimensional display of the forging knife in the drama of some of the main characters of the fresh legend, feeling rich and full of rich characters. Producer Zeng Hui said in an interview with reporters, "the sword" is forging characters under the background of the war, with the story characters, each character is legendary, with the legendary little growth story to highlight the feelings, the chaos like floating"相关的主题文章: