The fourth day Chinese Paralympic delegation added 13 topped the gold medal tally – Sports

The fourth day Chinese Paralympic delegation added 13 gold medal tally topped the sports Sohu – Guangzhou daily news (reporter Bai Zhibiao) 2016 Rio yesterday into the fourth match day, China sports Legion maddening 13 gold all day long. As of the end of the game yesterday, the number of gold medals in Chinese Paralympic delegation rose to 39 gold medals for a total of 92 pieces, continue to occupy the first place in the gold medal and the medal standings, with second members of the British Paralympic delegation gap to 16 gold medals and 36 medals, Ukraine Paralympic delegation to 18 gold the gold medals and 49 gold medals list and third medals. Yesterday is the first day of the final game of table tennis, 3 in the men’s singles and women’s singles 1-2 championship, China player Feng Panfeng and Liu Jing easily won two people in their projects on the three consecutive Paralympic games. In track and field and swimming two categories, Chinese Paralympic corps were harvested 3 gold and 4 gold. In addition, China players won 2 gold in weightlifting, shooting 1 gold accounted for. Yesterday, the Paralympic Games produced the first gold medal in archery, recurve mixed team, composed of Confucianism and the China Zhao Wu Chunyan team in the final 5 to 3 beat Iran to win. In the ball game, the Chinese 5 blind football team in the group stage with a team of 2 to 0 victory over Mexico.相关的主题文章: