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The first half of Liaoning to break the 670 Telecom fraud gang in the network name of investment fraud 200 million – Beijing police in Liaoning during the first half of 670 breaking telecommunications fraud gang in the network of more than 200 million yuan investment in the name of fraud – reporter Han Yu Cheung Kwok Keung using the telecommunication network channels to collect membership fee, deposit, posing as an acquaintance, experts, investment speculation on spot wantonly, telecommunications fraud. Liaoning police today announced since April this year, a new type of illegal action against the telecommunications network special action against the situation, and announced 5 typical cases. Help you make money is to deceive you money in March 2016, Liaoning Dandong police "2015? 12? 14" series of telecommunications fraud cases of ad hoc group, after nearly 4 months of careful investigation, the telecommunication and cash flow, data flow three Bingfen Road, carried out a lot of painstaking work, and went to Shanghai successfully destroyed a to help the victim to sell collectibles collect membership fees, deposit, personal income tax by defrauding the victim money Telecom fraud Gang arrested Moumou and other 7 suspects, involving 30 provinces (regions) hundreds of victims, the value of 110 yuan, and seized bank cards, telephone fraud, crime and other crime script a number of tools, the collection of more than 30 yuan of illicit money. This is just the case of Liaoning police since April this year, the detection of a telecommunications fraud, but also one of the 5 typical cases of the announcement. According to the deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Liaoning Province Public Security Bureau Guo Peifeng introduced since April this year, the Liaoning provincial public security organs cracked telecommunications fraud cases since 670, criminal suspects arrested 713 telecommunications fraud, destroyed Telecom fraud Gang 59, suspects seized 1991 bank cards, mobile phone cards 666, 559 other crimes with telecommunications equipment, check and control check 107 cases, emergency stop payment of funds involved more than 8052 yuan, money collection of more than 571 yuan, interdiction, clean non real name bank account 1978, and non real name cards, phone cards, broadband 100 thousand households involved shutting down illegal telephone number 260, seized black radio equipment 150, seized pseudo base station equipment 45, destroyed 109 dens. Another example, the Jinzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau cracked a large network transaction fraud, involving more than two hundred million yuan. In February 2016, Jinzhou city to the online investment speculation spot crude oil grounds, lured victims across the country money Telecom fraud. Jinzhou City Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to, immediately dispatched elite police task force set up, carefully combing the investigation involved the basic situation of the network information and personnel involved in the company, to find relevant clues, control work through investigation, information and technical investigation to determine the judgments, the criminal suspect’s identity information, and carry out the net action in June 17th, in one fell swoop arrested 17 suspects, seized 5 vehicles involved, a computer more than 40 taiwan. After investigation, the company has the use of telecommunications fraud gangs in Zhejiang, Henan, as Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong and other places, with investment speculation on the Internet by the crude oil spot, many around the country lured the victim of money, the price相关的主题文章: