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Chinese Hangfa: the first half of the 1 leading groups criticized   Party discipline 7 people – Politics – in Beijing in September 9, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, Chinese Hangfa group conscientiously implement the Party Party of eighteen and eighteen at the third and fourth, fifth spirit spirit and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the previous session. Consciously take two responsibility, the anti-corruption work and the group formed synchronously. Ideological and benchmarking, firmly grasp the correct political direction. Since March this year, the group has organized the Party Central Group Learning Series important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, led the study of the party constitution party disciplines. Group party secretary, chairman Cao Jianguo in the "71" on the eve of leading cadres at all levels on the thematic lectures, emphasize the implementation of comprehensive strictly required in the ideological and political action is always consistent with the Central Party committee. Grasp the responsibility of conduction, layers of compaction honest government responsibility. Leading group party secretary, has two research visits to all 24 units, one by one for each unit of collective interviews or interviews with the main party leaders, repeatedly stressed that the main responsibility for the implementation of clean government, strengthen the importance and urgency of the construction of the new group; executives and departments responsible person of former collective conversation. Other members of the party conscientiously perform a pair of responsibility, active efforts to clean government in charge of the scope of work. August 11th, the group held a party cum anti-corruption work will be at the meeting, Cao Jianguo and other party members signed the post office during the construction of clean government accountability. Group party also decided that the clean government responsibility for the implementation of the annual assessment in each unit, examination results and leadership personnel salary, reward and pingxianpingyou. August 30th, the group held its own unit discipline inspection and supervision work will be carried out to carry out the deployment of special research measures. Grasp the system construction, strengthen the supervision of power operation from the source. Focus on the construction of the system, the management process design reflects the punishment and prevention of corruption requirements, adhere to the system and process management, Guan Quan, steward. A group set up to develop the "three major" decision, "two responsibilities, supervision regulations, personnel selection, style construction and a series of system, and gradually establish and perfect the system, truss system cage. Group Party Discipline Inspection and supervision organs at all levels to strengthen the implementation of major projects, the central eight provisions of the spirit of the implementation of the supervision and inspection of the situation, found serious problems. Next, the group will also carry out a comprehensive inspection of the party, to promote full coverage of inspections. The building of the contingent, the main focus of strengthening the supervision and discipline of accountability. Since the group is established, to study the establishment of a clean government and anti-corruption work, inspection, supervision work leading group and office, the discipline inspection and supervision department set separately in 12 departments group headquarters, equipped with full-time discipline inspection and supervision of cadres, and subordinate units to strengthen the discipline inspection and supervision team construction, lay a solid foundation for the supervision and discipline of accountability base. Actively explore the practice of "four form", take practical action to strict party discipline. The first half of the year, a total of 1 leadership to give informed criticism, 7 Party and government discipline, 3 people to give criticism and education. In group)相关的主题文章: