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"The first grade" the return of Julian Cheung Chen Jianbin to help ex girlfriend debate – Sohu entertainment   " Xian Liang couple " show loving Sohu entertainment news last week "the first grade graduation season?" have achieved good results in reputation and ratings on the Saturday night show many younger students hope to have a "no the old man of God" Julian Cheung surprise return "Xian beautiful couple" officially fit a big show of affection, "class couples" will clash Chen Jianbin loura composed of "spicy teacher file"; this week will usher in the "star imitation debate full of wit and humour, master instructor Ni Ping and Le Jia will help students and formal in groups, across the screen between the two teams can smell the smell of gunpowder, the war triggered at any moment, are you ready? Julian Cheung Anita Yuen Chen Jianbin: that annoys regression pattern for me Jiang Qinqin to return this week the tutor of Julian Cheung, not only to wait for the moment of his wife Anita Yuen smile, open the crazy confession + upright Tucao offbeat show of affection, let onlookers crowd: "it will be struck dumb!" Julian Cheung is in the classroom; on the second Lin Chiling show the skill of imitation, bursting point full, relaxed classroom for students Cobain morale, has won the game is done in one vigorous effort, Julian Cheung also won the users point of praise: "edutainment!" The game teaching method is different from Julian Cheung, in Professor Chen Jianbin advocates the more "tough nut", extremely serious class. Two contrasting ways of teaching the merits, netizens are arguing, is said to have just come back to Julian Cheung to see a Chen Jianbin said: "give my regards to Jiang Qinqin", between two people suddenly let the atmosphere down to the freezing point. After the teaching, teacher Chen Jianbin whole black a face, a "never lost to Julian Cheung in" the momentum, they are prepared to meet the challenge not the slightest careless. Two teacher looks like a pedestria well-matched in strength, positive contest is can hardly be avoided! Master, the incarnation of Ni Ping hand piece verse frequent ridicule Le Jia back this week brought back over to the Dean level figures Ni Ping teacher, always talking Ni Ping appeared on the gas field full of second hand piece tongue, directly with friend Chen Jianbin "kaishuan": "go to where, after tens of millions don’t follow him!" Followed by the full court of the female students who, by Jiang Qinqin ridicule Chen Jianbin: "you are a female students grow so good-looking, Jiang Qinqin rest assured?" That has always been serious domineering Chen defenseless. To master class Ni Ping even not polite to ask Meng Ziyi: "you face?" The presence of people heard the sweat. Speaking skill profound teacher Ni Ping not only verse frequent, but for the students in the professional road maze guidance, let the students shouted, "really a lesson!" Missed the master class of the students, Chen Jianbin was invited to the super orator Le Jia guidance. Le Jia is also a brilliant tongue can not only master of debate with high language skills to make the classroom full of wit and humour, more let the students attend the exclusive debate skills instant confidence, even in the observation of Chen Jianbin!相关的主题文章: