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The exposure and Scolari completed the renewal of Brazil Hengda coach told a few left behind has been renewed exposure Hengda Guangzhou Daily reporter Scolari   Li Bin Lippi yesterday officially became the national team China soccer coach, Guangzhou Hengda play a crucial role in the play. It is worth mentioning that the Guangzhou Hengda team’s future boss handed to the country foot, so fans have praised Hengda small to large homes, but also interested in candidates for future Hengda coach. Send Lang Ping to send Lippi Hengda exclaimed Alexander Lippi to return to the Korean China and became the national football coach, Guangzhou Hengda in which played a huge role in promoting. From the beginning of 2013, Hengda spare no effort to recommend Lippi to the Chinese football association. In March 22, 2013 and, Xu Jiayin invited Lippi to watch the national leg of the game in two. The time in Xu Jiayin recommended, Lippi once and the Orangemen went very close, but because of family, health and other reasons, the "silver fox" declined the invitation of national football coach Lippi, in addition, at the time of the Belgian national team coach Claudio has a keen interest in. Hengda this season in the League AFC Champions League ahead of the game, to invite Lippi to become a new plan of the club. Although Lippi in early 2015 to step down Hengda coach post, but he and the club has maintained close contact. So Hengda invited Lippi to return to coaching the program is very smooth, he decided to return to Guangzhou in August 3rd this year, the two sides also signed a contract for work. The August 2016 Olympic Games in Rio has a greater role in the matter, in the Olympic Games, women’s volleyball team led by Lang Ping China won the Olympic gold medal, this exciting win a huge repercussions at home. It is worth mentioning that Lang Ping was invited by Xu Jiayin to coach the club team, then coached the women’s volleyball team recommended Chinese. This is the reason why Xu Jiayin in 2013 began to recommend the reasons for the coach coach Lippi. Lang Ping in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games to increase the success of the curve of the national salvation of the determination, he is more active to the Chinese Football Association recommend Lippi, Xu Jiayin. China has brought an opportunity in the 12 race start for Lippi white, strongly recommended in Hengda, China Football Association after careful consideration also agree with Lippi’s coaching style, but the biggest problem is that Lippi’s personal will and the salary of their team. It is clear that, in all aspects of efforts, Lippi accepted the invitation, Hengda side is responsible for the wages of the Lippi team. Lippi coach all obstacles to the country have been cleared, the Chinese Football Association commitment led by Lippi, he is responsible for the team’s technical and tactical, but also management team management, employment, bonus distribution, others have no right to interfere. In November 15th, China national team against the Qatar team in Kunming home court, this will be the first to become the national football coach Lippi. South Korea is also the first time the media reported that Lippi coached the country foot incident, in March 23rd next year, the country foot in 12 finals sixth round opponent is South Korea, Korean media reported that "there is no doubt that the South Korean team must strengthen the team Chinese vigilance, because Lippi is not only good at stimulate Chinese players.相关的主题文章: