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The election reversed Xinlimeidi? Hilary canceled New York fireworks celebration in July 28th, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary (right) and President Obama attended the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. (Xinhua News Agency) China news network, November, 8 (Yan Yujie) – the United States will usher in the local time on election day in November 8th. "New York post" reported previously, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary plans to hold a fireworks show in the Hudson River in New York in the evening, to celebrate the victory. But according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on 7, the Hilary campaign has cancelled the fireworks celebration. The latest forecasts from the Electoral College show that Hilary is currently not required to win 270 votes in the general election. CNN (CNN), a region of Ohio, Utah and Maine have been wavering from turning to Republicans, and from New Hampshire tend to support Democrats to swing. This means that Hilary is expected to be 268 votes to vote, and the Republican presidential candidate, Trump, the number of votes is 204 votes, and the rest of the vote to fight. The United States Fawkes news network also changed the original forecast, that Utah and North Carolina is still wavering, and not inclined to support Hilary, Arizona and Iowa is in favor of Trump. In addition, according to the poll data ahead of news website Drudge Report obtained by Trump in Florida, the number of votes higher than the 2012 Republican presidential candidate Romney, but Hilary’s performance is not as good as the Democratic presidential candidate Obama. Similarly, Trump’s early voting in North Carolina was better than expected. In November 3rd, Hilary decided to cancel the 8 evening fireworks celebration. After the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) secretary Comi announced the resumption of a survey of its "mail gate", because in the investigation of her successful assistant Humana · Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner · is suspected of an underage girl to send pornographic information, found that there are thousands of letters may be associated with Hilary in the mail Weiner and Abedin shared computer. However, FBI decided on 6, to maintain the same conclusion after the first investigation in July, the Ministry of justice is not recommended to prosecute Hilary on the matter. According to the original plan, the fireworks show may be held at 9:30 pm local time 8, just after the end of the vote in New York, after 30 minutes. Hilary and her running mate, Senator Tim of the Federal Republic of ·, and are planning to come to on the same day, New York. (China Daily)相关的主题文章: