The eighth Asian Art Expo and world peace Art Festival diying

The eighth Asian Art Expo and world peace art festival eighth Asian Art Expo event eighth Asian Art Expo and world peace art festival was officially launched in 22 at the National Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition Center China. The eighth session of the Asian Art Expo site activities eighth Asian Art Expo event by China Asian Economic Development Association Committee, International Cultural Communication Center National Art Center, France Art Exhibition Association, International Creative Industries Alliance, Chinese concept network, Rafael Institute, world peace mission, the European Society of culture art Liu Ji, jewelry Miss World contest and combined to create the eighth Asian Art Expo, will be officially launched in the China National Academy of Fine Arts Center, a series of activities will also be in the national foreign cultural trade base (Beijing) culture bonded Park, Songzhuang sunshine Museum Square, Beijing Media Arts Center, four-dimensional space, blue harbor Central Art Museum and many grand start! The peace art exhibition, forum, art scene, jewelry Miss World contest, care for children with autism charity, The Belt and Road international artists, folk songs and rich and colorful activities to carry out the. The eighth session of the Asian Art Expo site activities of the eighth Asian Art Expo changed the traditional mode of exposition is large and all, into the professional art exhibition, miniaturization and specialization, forming a unique "independent sub Art Exhibition Association" mode. A8 was determined for 300 days in 37 sites to create a "Asian Art Expo" activities will be non American continents across Europe and Asia, will be released in 2017 "Declaration of world peace and world peace" art for art festival". Organizers and artists and public welfare actors posed for pictures from around the world more than one hundred artists participated in the launch of the work of the top 600. A delegation of twenty-two French artists and a group of Chinese artists from the group of twenty-two to the audience brought a different artistic inspiration. CPPCC member, former director of the Asian Department of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, the president of the China Association for the development of Asian economies, senior diplomat calligrapher Zhang Jiuhuan announced the launch of the eighth Asian art. At the start ceremony of Asian Art Expo were France, Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, India, the United States and other countries’ diplomatic envoys.相关的主题文章: