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"The earth dream" really can do? How Honda wars "wear Taoxia" – Sohu automobile Sohu auto high beam [] what are you talking about Honda, for the initial impression of it? Is that the capital H logo, or civic, accord after inspection of world-renowned star cars, or the accumulation of reputation and excellent fuel economy? Yes, this is indeed the label Honda left to the world. But this is not the topic we are going to talk about today. Where do we start today? From Honda once said "big"! Huh? This is really wrong with it, Honda said what big? In fact, Honda is not only in the history of technology and more perfect, in the name also become an independent school especially the engine, the new "earth dream", listen to this name, domineering side has ranked the top on the Forbidden City Drain sense, we first regardless of whether it is worthy of the name, but they did dare to say so. Do you dare? Then the earth dream is true or not, then we will have a detailed explanation of it. In simple terms, the earth dream is put forward at the 2011 Tokyo motor show Honda engine on new technology plan, its commitment to solve part of the short board of the naturally aspirated engine, the development of a strong power and taking into account the fuel economy of the engine; it can improve the engine’s working efficiency to a certain extent, and can make a contribution to protect the earth’s environment. As we all know, Honda’s engine technology has been still living in front of people, which has a previous VTEC, i-VTEC and now the earth dream series. Even if the turbocharged engine looks increasingly strong, but if self suction did not want to withdraw from the stage of history, which advocated in power, economy and environmental protection in the "earth dream" is a new generation of self suction engine representative. That may be too professional buddies not cold, the common ground says, "technology highlights the earth dream" is the largest engine using VTEC+VTC (variable valve lift and variable valve timing) technology, at the same time into the cylinder direct injection technology. Over the past few decades as the engine technology becomes more exquisite, almost all the requirements of modern engine exhaust phase and the lift adjustment function, so as to meet the demand for air quantity under different conditions, it is similar to human respiratory rhythm, emphasis on "order of priority". This old engine has been increasingly unable to adapt to the development of the times, in this environment, Honda and a number of car companies began working on new technology, so in 1989, Honda referred to as "variable valve and valve lift Electronic Control System (VTEC) came into being. Honda VTEC variable valve lift system through the separation and integration of three rocker arm to achieve high and low angle camshaft switch, thereby changing the valve lift. It is in low speed and high speed two valve driving cam, automatically switch according to the working condition of the engine, with the VTC variable valve timing system, can make the engine to increase power and reduce fuel consumption and reduce the pollution to the. However, the limitations of the VTEC system is also very obvious, it can only be able to.相关的主题文章: