The driver was arguing that the police have taken the soft car hidden in the original viper12a

The driver saw the traffic police has dispute took the soft original car hid the trunk with hidden blood "Guan Gong knife". The newspaper news (reporter Huang Huang correspondent Lin Feng Ventura Cai Jingming) scratch happened, who is responsible? When the driver saw a dispute over the traffic police to deal with, one of them suddenly soft, wanted to go. The original car trunk hidden in a bloody "Guan Gong knife". 11 evening around 5:30, the city traffic police detachment Brigade squadron Haicang Bridge seized the illegal carry knives suspect Luo, and then transferred to the jurisdiction of the police station. At that time, the police to the scene after taking evidence, ready for mediation, rear end car driver Luo is a little strange, first saw the police not to yield a step, change, a hope to look up. See the police walked towards him and the rear of the car, Luo more nervous. These abnormalities are experienced, qiaosui police Zhang Tianshou see in the eye. Certainly a tricky trunk. To handle the accident, Zhang Tianshou and colleagues with a wink, "about the attack", staring at a pair of open the trunk. Hear the instructions, Luo was a little pale, linger for a long time to open the trunk, lying inside a one meter long "Guan Gong knife", there are a few small ads on the edge of financial loan. Luo began to excuse, said that it is not his car for a while and crafts, he does not know how to have a knife. Police found that this knife not only opened the front, but there are still dried blood on the blade. Luo said the blood was left behind when it kills the fish, and he just said "craft", "do not know the car with a knife" paradox. Luo can not be justified, he has been transferred to the jurisdiction of the police station for further investigation. (Xiamen network (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: