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The "deep" poster series double the real catastrophe set reduction drilling platform – "deep" entertainment Sohu catastrophe illustration posters exposure to real-life events with the most true scenery to restore the "oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico Sohu" entertainment news film "deep catastrophe", a "super battleship" "lone survivor" director Peter – directed by Berg, the "Transformers 4", "turn", "Tactic bear" actor Mark Wahlberg John also invited to join the strength, "Dylan Obrien, mobile labyrinth" Golden Globe Award for best actress Gina Rodriguez, Kate Hodson, Kurt Russell and the old play bone sitting on two Jin – Oscar Malkovich Co starred in. The film today released the latest "Illustrated Edition Poster and the" extreme reduction "feature, the process of setting up a set of maximum reproduction history, tries to restore the six years ago," the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster with the most true "stunning scenery, the film has been scheduled for November 15th landing of the hospital line. A deep illustration posters "dangerous source" and "ancient sea monster" and "broken incarnation of cupola today released the fire" four main illustration posters showing a sense of design, the fundamental causes of the disaster with the simple design, the black and white poster design is simple, but it is interesting in the sea on behalf of the Black Sea, white represents oil, oil along the pipeline erupted into black smoke; compared with the black and white version of the poster poster, flame color is more abundant, water under the black ash color showing surging oil layer, and a diffusion like to spread around, out of the water along the pipeline, drilling platform with the cupola industry fire; black blue black ink version of the poster, although showing no pipeline, but submarine spreading oil but Yueranzhishang, like a dark oil ink As gradually faded into the sea, the naked eye not visible to the environment slowly destroyed; the old version of the poster, deep sea surface is broken, the drilling platform in jeopardy, the whole poster yellow highlights the texture of a long time. Large tank reconstruction drilling platform extreme reduction shocked oil workers for the movie "deep professional Shoah" of the shooting, the crew complete restoration of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform, this platform is one of the largest studio building in the history of film, the drilling platform within the huge storage tank, the water tank is nearly ten thousand tons, it is completely in the water tank on the land created a sea, but the crew not only done, also built "Eiffel Tower rig base" huge. This is the hand of God built platform not only large size, the structure is more complex, so that many oil workers are surprised by this set of precision, and the actor appeared on the scene will stick with real shooting, even around the flames brought bursts of heat wave, the group and the actor still regardless of safety to the greatest degree. Restore the site, and even a variety of instruments appear in the film are from the real drilling platform moved to the scene, at the same time, a variety of data on the instrument with the event of a disaster, the film shows the subtle sense of reality, to reproduce the "Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster event". Electric.相关的主题文章: