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The country feather women’s doubles first floret combination into the semi-finals Finals: Chen Qingchen goal Chen Qingchen (right) and Jia Yifan Xinhua Paris October 28th sports news (reporter Zhang Han) 28, French Open 1/4 final day, every corner of the Coubertin stadium to listen to China double players Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan’s shouting. This is the 19 year old combination reached its first BWF Super Series finals, they defeated in the shoot is from the Danish Rio Olympics runner up Pedersen / Joel. "The team for our young players is the requirement, we must play this momentum, spell this style," life is also an outgoing Jia Yifan said after the game. In the face of the world ranking high their 11 opponents in the two birthday just 6 days of Capricorn girls played sparingly but not stage fright, two 21:19 took them 55 minutes, but the process is not easy, before the first game of the 14 level they have even been behind. "We’ve played against them two times before, and lost once. After the Olympic Games, they have maintained a good state, and they are more dominant height, higher than the two of us a head, so the attack may be more afraid of our hearts." Jia Yifan careful analysis of the road, but hit the back to find themselves can prevent it, confidence is getting more and more, playing is better." Speaking of the key point for them to win the victory, Jia Yi summed up as one is the spirit of the field, and then is a firm implementation of the coach’s tactical layout". Two little girls after stubborn didn’t mention is that in the second middle two people had been lying on the ground, fortunately there is a time difference, maintain the combat effectiveness of the one in an enemy two situation grind top down, forcing back opponents mistakes, win a point, leading to 14:10. From 2014 Yaqingsai began pairing, Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan as the national team level is relatively fixed, had been together for more than two years of growth path, because the two people in the same dormitory, usually eat sleep training together. Asked whether they think is a combination of full understanding, has been in the silent Chen Qingchen busy nodded and said, ""! Looking forward to the recent goal, the two little girls said they wanted to win the French Open gold medal, the reason to give it a little private. "Because of the Olympic Games China team did not get the gold medal doubles, so we hope that in this station, or…… No, it is best to get the gold medal in this station, in the future for the Chinese team to get more honor, Jia Yifan said. Before, Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan are out of the China doubles Olympic athletes and Luo Yucai Luo win to qualify for the final round of the 1/4 French Open, two people said they just win in "when they play the games we have been in the physical reserves, stronger". However, modesty does not affect confidence, even in between the semi-finals and captured two occupation career in the first-ever super gold medal also across a doomed battle semi-final. Anyway, we are at this level, who is learning to play with them, Jia Yifan said. "Fight them all," said Chen Qingchen. Two exit, Matsutomo Misa Ji / Takahashi Reika against Japan)相关的主题文章: