The child was born to be a liar because of improper Parenting tsumori chisato

Children born to be a liar because of improper parental education according to the survey, there are about 50% of our children from the age of 3 began to lie, the 9 year old child, said the lie of the 70%. Why do children lie? Some people think that the child is born a liar, it was speculated that the child lying, often also be forced. In the face of the child lying, many families tend to show anger, but more helpless. Child psychologists pointed out that family education is a mirror of their own children, for the mentally immature children, parents’ behavior is that they learn from the example". Improper education children love babe lying only 4 years old, just kindergarten. The first few days, cheerful little baby is very popular with the kids, we are scrambling to play with her, but one week later, babe is pushed aside the children. The teacher found that the understanding of the original baby has a love of lying, I ate two small steamed stuffed bun, but only eat one; it broke the toy, but others that it is broken. The teacher found babe’s parents talked about, but my mother felt "babe child say it should not seriously". Some parents busy with work, ignoring the need to care about the child’s request, when the child a chance to lie or blink, parents pay attention, care, it may have an impact on the child’s mind." Xie Haiyan, associate professor of psychology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, said that in the eyes of the parents, the child seems to be equal to all non black and white can not be forced, this concept is actually wrong. The so-called 3 year old set of 80, the child’s outlook on life, are both in the basic concept of stereotypes before the age of 3. The main reason that causes the child to lie is the parents’ behavior. Xie Haiyan analysis, some parents doted on children, everything is wrong. Not sure, even children of "blind" to the child, "don’t choose words expressing affection. Gradually the child’s courage more and more big, the more the farther the lie, until the parents can not control. Some parents used to teach a play, found the child lying is a good beating, which is not conducive to children’s physical and mental development, even the children continue to "improve" technology to deal with the parents of the beatings lie. Children are the parents of the "shadow" adult psychological behavior problems are mostly caused by childhood." Xie Haiyan stressed that "child psychology, speech and behavior is improper, parents are duty bound." Why do some children give people the feeling of lively and lovely and generous, and some children annoying? In fact, the child’s performance is often a mirror of family education, but also reflects the shadow of their parents. More and more parents focus on children’s learning and future achievement, ignore the psychological, family education is a big disadvantage, Xie Haiyan said that the parents of the child future achievement expectations too high or too low may affect the psychological and behavior in children. One kind of situation exists in the indulgent family, the family to the child excessively dote on, the child is used to obtain, does not know how to give. Once into the learning atmosphere, in a strict school education, easy to form anxiety, paranoia, temper and other psychological problems. There is a kind of authoritarian family, parents are too strict requirements of the child, the child is easy to form an inferiority complex, bile相关的主题文章: