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The car carrying red net APP Oh goddess live Shi car show recently, in the car market after the explosion of red scene of the Royal transit network officially launched the electricity supplier self training plan reticulocyte models, and strive to create the scene of the car entertainment environment. The scene of the imperial APP car transit network’s network will join the oh red goddess "pay" and many other popular models start the scene of live, "the goddess Shi big battle", "royal road cars driving bonfire show", "royal road cars yacht fishing and other recreational activities will continue to be broadcast. The most recent period will be held in September 4th of the "goddess Shi war", has attracted millions of fans watching the car Oh member interaction, and there will be hundreds of users are invited to participate in the activities of the scene together. Reporters learned that in September 4th at the "wet goddess auto supplies party", "pay" goddess popular cars will bring 500 thousand fans car debut, oh APP there will be to reflect the guest video broadcast platform. Users can download the car Oh APP, registered after entering the car Oh home to participate in activities, participate in the activities of the members have a chance to win a lucrative Royal transit network car product package, including the "goddess of the 2 days and 1 Nights Spa Villa driving tour", goddess signature T-shirts, various car prize etc.. At present, the activities are popular in preheating, tens of thousands of fans have been through the car APP to attend the scene activities oh. It is understood that the car is in the market after APP Oh the fastest growing car life APP, currently has about 15000000 users, get tens of millions of owners of the trust and support of the car life scene, the shopping guide mode of entertainment. As the scene of the car Oh project Royal transit network’s extension, car life entertainment, shopping scene. The royal road network was founded two years ago, has become a representative of China’s automotive products B2C scene, which advocates personalized, the scene of the entertainment car life experience, is currently the largest automotive supplies self powered electricity supplier. The reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the royal road network was informed that the royal road Netcom live entertainment and other red car entertainment strategy for users, it is one of the ways to solve the pain point for the user. Royal road network through the entertainment of the contents of the car life, closer to listen to the voice of the user, and through professional shopping guide services, scenario solutions to help users improve the quality of life of the car.相关的主题文章: