The Buddhism and the disease after thirty years noiseware

The Buddhism and the body after thirty years are thin, bright eyes of Hong Yuanxing, if there is no close contact with him, but he is a nearly thirty years of dialysis patients. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Huang Lingling) to thirty years, also due to dialysis for thirty years, but the eyes bright slender stature of Kaohsiung volunteer Hong Yuanxing, glad to meet the Dharma, know everything is karma, so for the sick of this thing, he can not accept, resist, escape and complain.   in fact, his Buddhist road is not so logical. Buddhist consciousness and suffering from the vast dust Buddha for dialysis began in 1986 so far, the current Hong Yuan Xing a week to three times dialysis, every time take four or five hours; long ago, he felt particularly hard time dialysis, but since there is great love TV, washing time is the kidney he heard sophisticated method of moments. Hong Yuanxing said: "I am in the workplace after retirement, I was advised by the day to dialysis. But I think the day after the dialysis back tired, long time have no way to do; if the evening dialysis, slept, the next day you can do volunteer. This is not a waste of time, I want to actively grasp the time to pay more." Hong Yuanxing in the effort in environmental protection work, inner joy, has already gone beyond the body tired. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Yang Qiu) environmental protection is Hong Yuanxing’s love, so the spirit of the time should be used to do, although with dialysis for a long time, his hand will be in the middle of the night and even serious sleep, the doctor suggested that he underwent surgery to improve, but it is not appropriate to carry heavy. Hong Yuanxing is reluctant, do not put, still with environmentally friendly vehicles carrying heavy loads, lasting five years, hand pain recurrence, really can’t load, then changed to be designated to sort of work, never tired, this is his commitment to life. In case of trouble still masters into the group practice is at the onset of dialysis before Hong Yuanxing came in contact with the Dharma, he was chanting, hoping to go out from the life and death, he always read the Buddha, the heavenly paradise; the Buddha, Buddha posture are in. In those years, he did not watch TV, newspaper, put aside all the chores, almost cut off from the outside world, just listen to the master say, discovery. However, whenever he contacts with the outside world, in the face of reality, still can not be calm and free, trouble. In 1991, my cousin took the master who "filial piety" reported by the discovery of difficult tapes, after him, moved to tears, and again on the "origin and prospect" and "crossing" tapes, hear people about the world and may cause the construction of Tzu Chi, sense move over, also introduced to his mother. For many years and Buddhism’s mother was on the cover of the hospital who inspired, began recruiting members to participate in the mother’s merit; good virtue compassion, there are more than and 100 people in a short period of time, Hong Yuanxing is responsible for helping her record a merit. Hong Yuanxing although the heart has moved, but also just do things to Tzu Chi and, prefer to take the time to work on the Buddha, always shirk in the hope to focus on naturally or half unconsciously, Buddha, and pureland. Until I heard the people’s "net because of three to""相关的主题文章: