The British love six bond not recruit moral values in reality running man 20130908

The British love six: Bond lack of moral concept in reality does not recruit the original title: Director of the British intelligence six: Bond not moral values in reality were recruited in October 28 Xinhua comprehensive report, the British Intelligence Agency six military intelligence (MI6) director (Alex Younger) said the younger in real life, "007" the series protagonist, agent James · Bond will not get the agency recruitment. During the Janger attended the event, rarely respond to questions, said MI6 agent discipline and cooperation, and in the "007" series of films, Bond’s lack of moral values in the real world, certainly not by MI6 recruitment, also believe that will not be any intelligence agencies hire. Younger said, although Bond has strong patriotic spirit, energy and refuse to be cowed or submit the MI6 requirements of the will and so on, but in reality the MI6 agent high emotional intelligence, teamwork, and respect for the law, which is completely different from Bond. He said that the MI6 staff is not from another planet, they are ordinary people, faced with complex moral, ethical and physical challenges. Younger said that the six military intelligence at work is exciting, challenging and important, "we are the secret front of Britain, operating in the shadows, in order to protect our friends, family and fellow security". Young said, "agent MI6 and Bond, they will not take the" moral shortcuts "." He added that MI6 agent is the first condition of strong moral. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: